Planning a Local Getaway With Your Little Ones

The past year has been pretty difficult for the majority of us. None of us expected the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic or the social distancing restrictions and guidelines that have been put in place to slow and minimise the spread of the virus. Sure, these restrictions have been essential for health and safety, but they have also meant that many of us have spent months on end inside the house, only leaving to be able to buy food or pick up prescriptions. The usual things we’d be doing have been closed and cancelled and many of us are growing more and more bored. The good news is that with the vaccine being rolled out around the world, things are slowly getting back to normal. Right now, one thing many of us want to do more than anything is have a getaway. We want to escape our homes and enjoy some quality time with our kids. Of course, international travel is still a risky option. But you can plan something a little more local. Here are some ideas!


A great local getaway option is camping. Camping allows you to spend time outdoors independently and away from others who you don’t know. You don’t need to head all too far from your local area. You just need to look up a nearby beauty spot and you can head there! Your kids will love some time out of the house, playing amongst themselves and generally feeling like they’re somewhere new. Now, camping will require some essentials. You’ll need a tent, pegs and a mallet. You’ll need sleeping bags. You may want to consider additional comforts like air mattresses. But once you’ve invested in these things, you can use them over and over. It’s generally best to use a campsite when you have kids. This ensures that you also have access to home comforts like toilets, warm showers and electrical outlets to charge phones and games. Think of activities to enjoy while you’re camping too. You might want to look into the best carp rod deals and go fishing. You might want to plan some long walks. You might want to take along bikes and go cycling. It’s entirely up to you!

In light of all these fun camping activities, safety and security are crucial. Especially when your local getaway involves grandparents and other elderly relatives. If your family activities involves exploring the great outdoors, consider taking portable gadgets with emergency buttons for elderly members of the family. This way, if they are in distress or feel unwell, and require medical assistance, they have access to a personal alarm that will put them in touch with emergency services. This makes your family camping activities much safer for everyone involved. 

A Road Trip

If your kids are a little older or a little more patient, you may want to go on a road trip. This allows you to travel around from the comfort of your own vehicle, stopping off at interesting destinations and sites. Younger children will tend to find the long jaunts of driving boring, but older or more patient kids will have a great time visiting different places. Make sure to plan where you’re going to stop overnight. Some people choose to travel in campervans that have beds inside. Some choose to camp at each stop. Some people choose to book hotel rooms. The choice is entirely up to you and will depend on you and your family’s individual preferences, needs and requirements.

These, of course, are just two getaway options to get the ball rolling. But each could prove a hit with your family!

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