Planning a group holiday on a budget? Here’s what you should know

Going on holiday with a group of people – especially friends – is an exciting adventure, but it can also be difficult to plan for so many people.

It’s also important to take into consideration each person’s budget, so it might be wise to opt for a selection of cheap UK holidays.

If you want some help in having the best, yet cost-effective getaway with your best pals, read on to find out more…

  1. A suitable location for all

One of the most important parts of starting your group holiday off right is to choose a location and accommodation that’s suitable for everyone.

Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from across the UK, so you can find a place that accommodates all.

For example, if you’re all fans of nature walks, you could choose from locations like the New Forest or Lincolnshire.

However, if you’re all up for a more relaxing retreat, why not opt for a location set with an on-site spa?

Make sure to look into all activities and plans you may have so you can sort out your budget, as planning ahead will often save you money.

It might be best to sit together as a group and research what different places in the UK offer, so you can experience the most rewarding, and therefore cost-effective holiday location for everyone.

  1. Plan meals together

Whilst you’re free to go out for group meals as you please, eating out every day can quickly drain your budget.

Instead, it might be easier to plan your meals, and with self-catering accommodation choices at a variety of holiday parks, you can do just that!

For example, you could opt to make breakfast and lunch in your holiday home and dine out for dinner on special occasions.

Some top tips could be to create a meal plan, share cooking duties, and even consider having picnics and mini barbeques.

It also means that you can personalise your meals to ensure that there is an option for everyone.

  1. Pack efficiently

A large part of getting ready for your group holiday is packing, and having a big group means that you could potentially have a lot of clutter within your holiday home.

You could even set a day where you pack together, or video call each other to see what each other is bringing along.

It could also prevent other group members from buying unnecessary items, so they can save money along the way.

Make sure you’re not packing replicas of everything, and also make sure to check what amenities your holiday home already has before bringing or purchasing anything new.

For example, you may find a range of kitchen amenities there that you don’t have to stuff into your suitcase, so check online at your chosen holiday provider before setting off.

With a few ways to help you plan your next group getaway, who will you be embarking on your next holiday park retreat with?

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