Plan A Family-Friendly Kitchen That Brings Everyone Together 

The kitchen is more than just a cooking place. It’s now an evolution, a place where memories are created, and love is shared, so no wonder it’s called the heart of the home. Create a space that can handle everything from homework to family dinners. There are so many options to consider when designing a family-friendly kitchen that it’s hard to know what works. It’s much more than the look of the new cabinetry and appliances. It’s about shaping how you and your loved ones will get by on a day-to-day basis. Here are a few ideas on how to create a versatile space for the modern family. It will be the bustling (not chaotic) hub of the home you want it to be. 

Skip The Small Breakfast Table with Loose Chairs for A Built-In Banquette

If you really want to bring your loved ones together, you need to make the kitchen more than just a place to grab a quick snack. Equip the space with seating, despite the sacrifice in meal preparation it might involve or the reduction in storage that might result. A beautiful banquette provides comfortable seating regardless of the shape or size of the kitchen. It’s ideal for family breakfast or late-night leftovers. A built-in banquette allows for minimal space to be used while providing a larger number of seats; it can be easily tucked into the corner of the room. Sure, future renovations become more of a hassle, but now is not the best time to think about it. 

Nothing is as chic or as cosy as a banquette, so consider how often you and your family need to use it. In what follows, we’ll present some banquette seating ideas to inspire you. 

  • Build your banquette within the island or under a window. This established more of an eat-in, group dining experience, as people can sit comfortably and chat while the chef cooks. A built-in banquette can be added to kitchen islands of any size, but make sure you have enough space to navigate around. Turn the unused space under the window into extra seating with minimal carpentry. 
  • Add colour and pattern to banquette seating. The banquette sees a lot of action, so painting it hides little imperfections and prevents spills from becoming stains. You can opt for bold, bright colours, such as electric blue, mustard yellow, and zesty orange. It will last for years and years, and it will be nice to have something so beautiful in the house. 
  • Elevate with design features. In an era long dominated by kitchen islands, banquettes have been given a less important position/role, but many designers and homeowners are rediscovering their appeal. The seating is practical, but it can also bring a decorative bust. For example, an upholstered banquette can balance out the tougher surfaces in the kitchen.  

Opt For Smart Storage Solutions to Save Previous Time 

Keeping your supplies out of sight and out of mind will help you keep a clean kitchen that saves time. The kitchen is the most trafficked room in the home, after all. Storage is never enough when it comes to the kitchen, but organisation makes a world of difference in how efficient and attractive it is. There’s nothing worse than a kitchen that feels cluttered, so get your kitchen cabinets in order. They can be built and modified as you want according to the space available and your budget. Contrary to popular opinion, you can find cheap kitchen units without compromising on style, so you don’t have to settle for prices that bust your wallet. 

If you want to maximise storage and efficiency in a tiny space, create a double-duty backsplash that protects the walls and accommodates your kitchen utensils. You can make one yourself if you can find stainless steel pegboards. Consider using the space under the cabinets if you run out of space inside. For example, you can add a display shelf for pretty serving dishes, cookbooks, and so on. Equally, you can install cabinet hooks to hang utensils or mugs; you don’t have to rinse out every glass for dust that may have accumulated before using it. Why not hang baskets of fruit or vegetables? 

Maybe there’s no obvious space to store dishes, food, and appliances. In that case, you’ll have to think outside the box. For example, you can take advantage of a nook or nearby room to create kitchen storage. The kitchen island can be used for frequently used stuff if it has open storage or cupboards and drawers. A curtain will conceal what you want to hide. A rolling cart is not only stylish but also practical, as you can roll it to your dining nook. It can hold everything you don’t have room for, giving you much-needed (and cheap) storage. It’s a no-fuss solution. As are spice racks.  

Create A Visual Division Between Spaces by Carving Out a Half Wall

Finally, yet importantly, you’ll want to divide the living and dining space in a smart way. You can carve out a half wall for an easy flow without giving up too much storage space. It allows for plenty of light and air circulation. A glass partition can effectively segregate the space while offering a seamless view of the living and dining areas. Designed in an L-shape, the glass partition creates a link with the dining room without completely separating it while also serving as a backrest. You can choose from several different finishes and designs to adjust the look of the wall. 

Furniture is an excellent way to define the space between the kitchen and the living room. For the result to be impeccable, functional, and elegant, it’s necessary to put into practice a few simple rules, such as: 

  1. Carefully plan to optimise the space
  2. Select floor and wall coverings that present a certain harmony
  3. Pay attention to the colour scheme
  4. Add a touch of style with accessories (vases, books, artwork)

Depending on how it’s designed, the half wall can add storage. You could have shelves and cabinets for books or a wine rack. Plants can be placed in the open area, as well. At any rate, the degree of privacy between the two spaces can easily be modified. 


When approaching the design of a family-friendly kitchen, it’s crucial to think about the layout in respect to moments, with places to cook/eat/entertain and maybe a spot to sit and work. The trick is to balance style with safety. 

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