Need a portable air con? Here’s how to find your match.

Looks like working from home is here to stay, and with every change of season, there are certain new challenges that need to be addressed. Summer brings heat and humidity, which is basically a one-way ticket to being extra uncomfortable, so let’s consider what your options are. 

Although many people prefer to get a wall-mounted air conditioner and just get it over and done with, building regulations or rental agreements can get in the way of doing that. The alternative? A great portable air-conditioner unit!

This can go a long way helping you stay cool and comfortable in the hot summer months. 

Although these units are not cheap and could set you back a few hundred at a time, the price you pay will be well worth it in the end. 

If you go portable, do it right

Make sure that your installation is done correctly. Your unit will come with a kit, consisting of a plastic panel which has connections for the exhaust hose. This unit can be installed in a window, and it designed to help you vent the hot air that the unit generate by running, out into the atmosphere, leaving you with cool and comfortable interior air.

Incorrect installation might result in air leaks, where hot air from outside can get in and affect the temperature you were trying to achieve. Seal any gaps, and make sure that your connections are tightly fastened to prevent this from happening!

Insulation matters

Although your unit will not physically be mounted inside the window frame, the fact that you will be venting hot air to the outside of your home means that insulation will go a long way in ensuring that your unit runs correctly. Many manufacturers provide insulation strips as part of the installation kit, but if yours doesn’t, you can easily fix the problem by getting cheap insulation tape from the hardware store. Insulating things correctly will keep your AC unit from using unnecessary energy, and will greatly increase its ability to cool the room in which it is placed. 

How to care for your unit

A little bit of care and maintenance can go a long way in ensuring a long and efficient lifespan for your unit. The process that an air conditioner uses to cool a room, generates water as a by-product, which is often gathered inside the machine in a bucket or similar container. For the best results and to ensure that your unit gets a longer lifespan, make sure that you empty this bucket regularly. This will discourage spores and mould from forming. 

You will also benefit from regularly cleaning the filters with a soft brush, or by running it under flowing water, depending on your manufacturer’s instructions. 

Pack the unit away carefully when it is not in use, to keep it clean. This will extend its lifespan and help you to maintain its performance level at top form for a long time to come. 

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