Navigating Compensation for Delayed Flights During the Festive Season

Anyone who has had to get their family from A to B knows how difficult it can be when things go smoothly, let alone if you hit bumps along the way! If it’s not remembering that special stuffed animal, making sure the electronics are charged and keeping track of all the passports, corralling more than one person through a busy terminal is quite the challenge. 

So we understand the frustration and stress a delayed or cancelled flight can cause when it comes to your family’s holiday plans, let alone navigating how to claim back what you’re entitled to. 

We will be diving into the world of compensation for delayed flights, especially if it happened during the magical Christmas season! In this blog post, we’ll explore valuable information from the experts at to help you get through any flight delays and ensure a holly, jolly holiday.

Understanding Flight Delays

Before we get into compensation details, let’s briefly discuss why flight delays happen. Weather, technical issues, and operational challenges can all contribute to disruptions in your travel plans. Even volcanoes have been known to derail even the most planned trip away! However, the good news is that with the right knowledge and preparation, you can easily apply for the compensation you’re entitled to.

Your Rights as a Passenger emphasises that passengers have rights, even when it comes to delayed flights. Familiarise yourself with your entitlements, such as compensation, assistance, and reimbursement for additional expenses. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to navigate any unexpected changes to your travel plans.

The Christmas Twist

Travelling during Christmas adds an extra layer of excitement and, sometimes, stress. highlights that during the festive season, airlines may experience higher passenger volumes, leading to increased chances of delays. However, this also means that compensation claims during this time are not uncommon so we suggest making sure you get a timeline for your executed claim to be paid to you. 

What are you entitled to? 

Depending on the distance of your flight, whether it was Internal or international, the length of the delay or the time of the cancellation will affect your compensation and what the airline has to legally provide you with. We suggest keeping any receipts for refreshments and hotels you may need to use (but don’t let the kids go mad with room service!) and talking to about how to claim. 

Whatever the reason for your family trip, preparation is key, but when things happen outside your control, knowing your rights will save you headaches in the long run! 

Happy travels!

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