My Top Three Teether Toys


William first started teething at just 4 months old – and hasn’t stopped since! I’m a little reticent to use the gel products unless absolutely necessary and teethers offer a great alternative that’s chemical free and self-controlled. He can learn to soothe himself and decide when he needs to use them, which is great.

I actually shopped around quite a bit before buying these. Even though I checked out a bunch of physical stores, I ended up buying all three on Amazon. Is there anything Amazon can’t provide?!

MAM Friend Teether (Max the Frog)*

Having used both MAM bottles and MAM dummies, I already knew this was a brand that knows their stuff. There are four different teethers in their “Teether Friend” range on Amazon*. Max the Frog, Bob the Turtle, Lucy the Snail and Ellie the Bee. Each is brightly coloured with a smiling face and easy hand holds.

I went for Max as his face was really big and William loves connecting with smiling faces.

William finds it easy to grasp with both hands and chews on both the ring, and on the face / eyes of the frog.Ā  Whatever fits in his mouth really. He also enjoys flinging it across the room and then yelling at me, as it’s clearly my fault entirely.


Nuby Wacky Teething Ring*

This one is a little different as it’s extremely sensory. It has loads of different textures, shapes and even fabric ears that crinkle. William hasn’t chewed on this as much as Max the Frog, but he does really enjoy playing with it and feeling the different parts. The ears have been vigorously sucked and deemed delicious. It’s a teether that’s a little different and I think will have more scope for reaching later stages of development as well. You can check it out on Amazon here.*

Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring*

The Sophie range* is all very impressive – originating in France this design was first made in 1961! Sophie is made from natural rubber and food grade paints. She’s light to hold and very cute to look at. She has two teething rings with different textures and large hand holds. William has spent a lot of time holding her, looking at her and yes – chewing on her face. This one makes an especially nice gift as it comes gift box in eco packaging. It would be suitable for baby showers or a newborn gift even though they’ll need to grow into the grip a little.

(*) These are affiliate links and will earn me a very small amount of money if you purchase this specific item after going through my link. If you do not wish to do this, search for the item direct on Amazon. I purchased all three of these teethers for my son with no discount or incentive from the manufacturer.

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231 thoughts on “My Top Three Teether Toys

  1. Amelia Kennedy says:

    Lovely ideas for little ones! I’m now a great aunt twice over and am looking for christening gifts – some of these would be ideal x

  2. Lynsey Harvey says:

    It’s my goddaughter first bday at the end of September so would be lovely to put towards something special. Maybe a trinket box or a keepsake box! I have my godsons 1st birthday in december too!

  3. Lauren Bates says:

    I want to start cooking healthy meals for my family so I think I would buy some nice digital food scales and measuring cups!

  4. Simon Champion says:

    We loved Sophie La Giraffe when our girls were smaller. Now it’s always our first choice for a gift for friends who have babies.

  5. Karen Usher says:

    Perfect, my next door neighbour has just had twins…bless her! This would be nice for her and something to chomp down on when those kiddies begin teething.!!!

  6. Hilda Wright says:

    Generally my amazon treats are books or DVDs from my wishlist! I keep a list on the go and buy things when the price is right or for special occasions!

  7. Doreen Brady says:

    Lovely ideas for babies. I would spend it on some new kindle books as my Amazon wishlist is getting ridiculous at the minute with all the books that I want.

  8. Rachael Lines says:

    These are fab, my next door neighbour is pregnant so this is great for a stocking filler. If I won id buy some nice winter warm treats. yankee candle and some warm gloves!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Probably CDs. I got into John Wetton’s extensive and varied back catalogue only a few weeks before he passed as I never liked his most famous band’s most famous song, so it took me years to realise there was so much more to his work. Now, too late, I’ve been acquiring his music all year. It often brings tears to my eyes, but also makes the hairs on my arms stand on end.

  10. Steph J says:

    There are never enough teething toys! My daughter started teething really early. I have a feeling the baby due in October will be the same šŸ™‚

  11. Jayne Townson says:

    Some lovely Teething toys there. Thanks for the giveaway, I love amazon vouchers, they come in very handy for Christmas shopping.

  12. Patricia Avery says:

    I’d love to win this to buy some new books. Just back from a 3 week holiday / reading blitz so need to restock my to read pile šŸ™‚

  13. kayleigh white says:

    My sisters used Nuby. I’m an aunty to 14 (youngest is 3 weeks, eldest is 19 years) and I’m to be a great aunt for the first time very soon, so I’m no stranger to teething products!

  14. Amanda Brett says:

    My wonderful daughter is pregnant with her first baby,So this would be a lovely giveaway to win. Thanks for the chance,please count me in? xx

  15. Rebecca Brown says:

    Great post, I’ve heard some good things about the Sophie the giraffe range but the others are new to me!

    If I win the voucher, I think I’ll treat my partner to something nice šŸ™‚

  16. nikki reynolds says:

    great giveaway, i dont know what id get but im sure it would be some thing for my little boy xander who turns 2 in a couple weeks

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