My open plan styling with Lakeland Furniture

I always dreamed of having an open plan living and kitchen area. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and in rented properties I’ve often felt like I was sequestered away in the kitchen, slaving over the food, whilst my family or my guests sat in the living room having fun. When I had the opportunity to renovate our owned home, I knew that open plan was going to be near the top of my list. We went full steam ahead with it, with no doors downstairs at all, except the toilet. We knocked both reception rooms together, and knocked down two walls in the kitchen to create one open plan downstairs, and I love it!

This is great for families who don’t want to be shut off from each other, and also perfect for entertaining. If you’re cooking or preparing cocktails, you can still be talking to your guests. Having an open plan kitchen and living area opens up communication and creates a more positive and happy space. Ever thought you’d need to be in two places at once as a parent? Go open plan and oversee everything!

As part of my open plan kitchen and living area, I have a breakfast bar with stools underneath. This allows a really intimate feel for family breakfast or light snacks and most importantly for me, it allows my four year old to sit on the other side of the breakfast bar and help cook. From these seats he feels like he’s at the same level as me and can access the full worktop – he weighs and mixes ingredients for cakes here, one of his favourite things!

Recently I was sent a set of three Havana Grey Bar Stools from Lakeland Furniture. As my open plan kitchen is white with white and grey marble worktop and flooring, these grey bar stools really compliment my decor. But Lakeland Furniture have a wide range of bar stools that would suit any decorating style. I love the fact that my Havana Bar Stools have arms – this makes me feel a lot happier about my son sitting up high in them, and they help him climb up there by himself too!

Aren’t they amazing? Do you think they go well with my kitchen?

They’re really easy to clean from top to bottom, and the entire chair was delivered assembled, so the only assembly required was slotting the base on, so it only took a few minutes per chair. The most important thing is that they’re super comfortable! I love them.

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