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I’ve always been an avid reader. In the past, before I had my son, I’d taken parts in challenges such as “Read 100 books in a year”, and I not only read them all – but wrote reviews as well! Back then, I’d write reviews on Amazon and Goodreads to provide feedback. I started using the website NetGalley, which connects book reviewers, press and media with publishers to distribute review copies and get feedback. At my peak, I was also one of the moderators for the Goodreads NetGalley Group. These days, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day and mentally, after struggling with postnatal depression, anxiety and PTSD, I find it a lot harder to relax and focus. My mind wanders and I set down a lot of books unfinished.

I no longer review many books, choosing to write about my parenting journey instead, hoping to help other mums and dads and to journal my family life and use this blog as an emotional outlet. On occasion, you will see book reviews on this blog, even though it’s not the focus. I generally only review books that I enjoyed and would recommend to others.

The books I will review on this blog will hopefully be of interest to my readers, and I’m hoping to build up a good set of resources for non-fiction parenting books, as well as compile some books that relate to motherhood in fiction. In addition, I’ll be writing children’s book roundups and information.

My Book Reviews

Parenting Non-Fiction

  • Motherhood Reimagined, by Sarah Kowalski – One woman’s spiritual journey, dealing with infertility and the science behind fertility techniques. 5 stars
  • The Empowered Mama, by Lisa Druxman – A practical self-care workbook designed to empower and help new mothers. 4 stars
  • The Supermum Myth by Anya Hayes – An honest and helpful look at mum guilt, the pressures of motherhood and how to reframe your negative thoughts. 5 stars
  • The Art of Screen Time, by Anya Kamenetz  – How digital media affects our children and how to navigate parenting in a technological world. 5 Stars
  • There’s no Such Thing as Bad Weather, by Linda McGurk – Cultural differences in spending time outside, and how you can get your entire family out even in the rain, wind and winter. 5 stars
  • Thinking Out Loud, by Rio Ferdinand – Biography from Footballer Rio Ferdinand about coping with the death of his wife and being a single dad. 5 Stars


  • Killing it, by Asia McKay  – Drama about a British assassin who has to come to grips with new motherhood and go back to work. 4 stars
  • Mother, by Hannah Begbie – Drama about a family coming to terms with cystic fibrosis and a mother’s destructive spiral. 4 stars

Children’s Books

Children’s Books Themed Roundups


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