Moving To A New Apartment? Here Are 10 Kitchen Essentials You Cannot Miss

You’re finally moving to your new apartment- congratulations! 

This is good news, and your new home looks and feels perfect.

Except you’re now looking over the counter, which only has a couple of quarter plates, and you’re holding a coffee mug. That’s pretty much All You’ve Got.

But you don’t need to worry because we are here to help you stock up the kitchen of your dreams. 

By the end of this blog, you will have everything you need to host your housewarming party. We will start from prep to serve. 

Let us get started

Cooking Prep 

Attention! Attention!

You cannot deny that the start of any good meal requires an equally good prep. 

If you have the proper tools, you can prepare faster without settling for anything less than the best. After all, you shouldn’t have to measure baking flour with glasses!

Measuring Cups And Scale 

If a recipe calls for a precise amount of ingredients, you cannot give it a ballpark figure. You need to measure it with a proper set of tools to get excellent results. 

So next time, don’t eyeball the figure; instead, invest in measuring cups and a weighing scale. 

Knives & Peelers

Dicing vegetables or meat with a sharp knife is easier than a blunt one. It would surprise you how easily a chef knife can chop and cut almost anything in the kitchen.

Do not be fooled into getting a set of 10 knives; instead, invest in a good quality knife, even if you have one chef knife- it is enough.

Instead of risking cutting yourself while peeling cucumbers- OUCH! Invest in a peeler. They are easy on the pocket and even get your job done fast. 

Cutting board 

Stop! Do not try cutting your vegetables in your counter space!

You just moved into this new house, and you cannot spoil the counter space, first thing on arrival as practiced in most apartments for rent in san francisco ca.

Instead, grab yourself a wooden cutting board, and if you want to go on a budget, get a plastic cutting board -this will help you not ruin your counter space.

Cooking Essentials 

So you’ve got everything you need to properly prepare a dish. All that remains is to add the ingredients to the pot and get it going.

Wait, a minute; you need a pot! 


Cookware should be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cooking.

We always recommend that you purchase cookware based on the type of food you prepare.

If you’re going to cook Chinese food, you’ll need a wok. If you like your scrambled eggs with portions of bacon, invest in a good fry pan or skillet.

You’ll also need some saucepans, which are useful for making sauces and gravies, as well as boiling pasta and making soup.

Most pots and pans come with lids, but some don’t, so if yours doesn’t, buy one because lids are crucial.

Cooking Essentials 

So, if you’re going to cook, you’ll need spatulas, spoons, a ladle, and some thongs, as well as a strainer. If you enjoy experimenting with food, you can also include oven mitts, aluminum foil, and parchment paper in the mix.

Eating Essentials

Now that you’ve done all the hard work, it’s time to enjoy it. Preparing piping hot meal and savoring it is the best feeling, but you’ll need a plate for this.

Dishware & Silverware 

You should have at least four sets of dishware and silverware in your kitchen. This will ensure that you are ready to entertain guests whenever they arrive. 

Most of these are sold as a set, making them look nice and coordinated on the dinner table.


Now, you probably think that we’ll ask you to get four of the same thing, and while that is correct, you can always experiment. 

You’ll need some beer mugs, wine glasses and some regular drinking glasses in your collection.


We hope our list of new apartment kitchen essentials comes in handy as you prepare to host your next dinner party or even cook something delicious on your own.

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