Modernising your Home on a Budget

You don’t have to be rolling in it to keep your home up to date. Let’s look at some of the budget-conscious ways to revamp your home, both on the interior and exterior.

Switching out Bathroom Accessories

If your bathroom is beginning to look a little bit on the shabby side, then don’t worry: you needn’t rip the whole thing out and start over again to get a fresh start. A little bit of deep-cleaning can be enough to restore some of the colour to the grouting and tiling, and swapping those colour accents like towels and shower-curtains for bright new modern ones is sure to make a visual difference.

Replacing Doors

Old doors will make a house appear a little bit on the dingy side, even if the surrounding décor is hyper-modern. Go for matching internal doors throughout the home to create a consistent look. If your front door is looking a little downtrodden, then you’ll create a poor impression on would-be visitors, so consider investing in a substantial, modern composite front door with a decent set of locks.


A poorly-maintained driveway will limit the appeal of your home just as surely as an aging front door. Quality block-paving is an affordable way to revamp the space, and provide your guests with a space to park their cars!

Garden Paving

By the same token, you can revamp your patio or garden space with the help of the right garden paving. Stepping-stones which lead to the bottom of your garden are easily installed, and can be DIYed in just a few hours on a weekend.


Filling up space with a disorganised chaos of ornaments is a sure way to make it feel overwhelming. Starting with a blank slate and just adding those which really work with the room can lead to a new and refreshing impression of space. Make a point of decluttering regularly, and try not to add to the existing mess.

Swapping out Lighting

Aging bulbs are a source of inefficiency and dinginess. Swap them out for high-power LED alternatives and you’ll end up saving money in the long run. You can also transform the look of a room by adding unique lighting to suit the space. Threading fairy-lights behind a sofa or bed can create just the required mood, which standing lights in dark corners can make things look modern and inviting.


A little bit of paint can go a long way if it’s been awhile since a room was redecorated. For best results, it’s often wise to go for more reserved, neutral shades, as bolder and darker ones can end up making a room look smaller than it really is. Fortune favours the bold, however, and if you know what you’re doing you can create a unique effect with a feature wall or two.

Want to modernise your home without breaking the bank? Read on for some budget friendly home decoration and improvement ideas.

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    Nice artwork really helps.

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    Great ideas here. I’m always looking for ways to improve things on a budget. We’ve just redone our kitchen by painting the cabinets and using stick on tiles on the wall and it was very cheap.

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