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The last few weeks in South Wales the temperature has been absolutely soaring and I’ve been loving it. I’m not a sun worshipper and prefer to wear a classic swimsuit and sit in the shade than a bikini on the beach, but the sun shining really puts me in the best mood. Last summer I was recovering from my emergency c-section and dealing with a newborn and it flew by. This summer I’m determined to make the most of the long days and sunshine. I’ve stocked up on the sunscreen already!

I personally like a classic and stylish swimsuit, something with a few different colours that pops and of course something that will flatter my post-baby bod. I’ve put together my three favourite pieces of designer swimwear but whether you like a bikini or a full body you’re bound to find something that appeals.

1. Miradonna Starboard Nemesis Swimsuit £130

2. Gottex Profile Tahiti Skirted Wrap One Piece £116.00

3. Gottex Profile Calypso High Neck One Piece £113

Swimwear and Post Baby Body Confidence

I’ll be honest, I’m not that confident in swimwear so the things that I keep in mind when choosing a flattering swimsuit for a larger figure are:

Plenty of coverage – if you’re worried about showing off a lot of skin, a full body swimsuit will give you more confidence than a bikini.

Diagonal stripes  – diagonal stripes can slim the figure and give the impression of being taller, whilst colour can catch the eye and allow you to be bold and beautiful.

Darker colours – darker colours tend to be more flattering on larger figures, but you don’t have to wear a plain black swimsuit. My favourite three pieces from Simply Beach above all have some colour on them and I like a little bit of contrast and some bright colours on a dark base to be both flattering and attractive.

Bust support – the three swimsuits I’ve chosen have different bust control and I think it’s super important that you explore the options to get the right fit for your body. The last thing you want is to be nervous about your boobs not having the support they need and deserve! As I’m quite small chested, I like both strapless options and options which give myself a bit of cleavage.

I also try to embrace the positive. I’m 35 years old and not getting any younger but that’s okay because I like where I am in life. I’m overweight but I’m working on that and I’m trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. I have stretch marks and a really ugly c-section scar but I also have a perfect little boy and wouldn’t change that for all the world. There’s so much pressure on women these days, especially on social media such as Instagram, where perfect bodies and perfect lives are constantly on display. Sometimes you just have to look at yourself in the mirror and say this is what I am. Try to work on the things you’re not happy with for health and happiness, but accept the things you can’t change. Having done a full course of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for my anxiety last year, one thing that it really emphasized to me was the ability accept what we can’t change and try to let our anxieties and fears go. So to any mums or women out there who feel like they don’t really have the “beach bod” they want, you’re not alone, but please don’t let it hold you back!

Accessorize that Swimwear

Lucky girl that I am, Simply Beach agreed to send me a few pieces of accessories from their collection and I chose the three most important things to me when I’m on the beach. A fantastic bag to carry everything in, a towel to lay on the sand and finally, a beautiful hat to offer shade as well as style. Learn how to accessorise to maximize your beach look!

I chose this matching Seafolly Bag and Towel set. Seafolly is an Australian brand that’s spread out across the world since they started in 1975. They have bold designs and I really like the florals and fun pineapples on this bag. I wanted a bag that I could use at the pool or the beach, but not just in the summer, and this bag is big enough to carry everything I need for me and the baby whether it’s at the local pool in the winter at home, or on the beach in Tenerife over the summer. It’s so spacious, but still really lightweight.

The sun hat I chose – which might be my favourite hat that I’ve owned so far – is by Pia Rossini. I loved the gift box and presentation too – what a great gift. Not that I’m going to give it to anyone. Nope, this is all for me!

I’m really looking forward to this summer and hoping to make the most of it. I’ve got the paddling pool ready for the garden and we’ve been in the park ever day this month. I started feeling like I was losing myself a bit last summer, as I was feeling ill and tired and dealing with postnatal anxiety but thankfully, with a supportive family and the help of the NHS, things are starting to look up in that department. We have a 10 day trip planned to Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands booked for our 10th wedding anniversary in July, but plan to jet away for a last minute beach trip sometime in late August or early September and I’ll definitely be taking these accessories with me and treating myself to a new swimsuit too!

This post was written in collaboration with Simply Beach, who sent me the above accessories in exchange for my thoughts.

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