Main Reasons Why Rabbits Are Great Companions For Your Kids

Here in the UK, we’re a nation of animal lovers, and that includes our children too! Animals can benefit kids in many ways, improving their self-confidence, and teaching empathy and respect. Animals can also help improve mental health and social skills.

If you’re thinking of making an animal part of your family, a rabbit is an excellent choice. Here are just some of the reasons why bunnies make great furry friends for children.

Help Teach Responsibility

Though rabbits are often seen as lower-maintenance than other animals, such as dogs and cats, they still need responsible care and ownership, meaning they are the ideal introduction to teaching your child how to be responsible for another living creature.

Rabbits have specific dietary needs, including a plentiful supply of feeding hay for rabbits and small animals, as well as fresh veggies and clean drinking water. As they need feeding twice a day, this is ideal for school-age children who could include feeding their new rabbit as part of their before and after-school routine.

Your rabbit’s housing will also need to be cleaned out regularly and they will need grooming too, giving your child plenty of opportunities to play and bond with their bunny.

A Long Lifespan

Unlike wild rabbits, which live a couple of years, domesticated rabbits have a surprisingly long lifespan, living between 8 and 12 years on average if properly cared for. This makes them an ideal companion for your child to grow up with.

Full of Character

Bunnies are characterful creatures, who thrive on human interaction. Though very few rabbits enjoy being picked up, they do like people to get down on their level to stroke or play with them. Many bunnies enjoy playing with toys, such as balls and love tunnels, mazes, foraging and digging.

Easy to Train

Rabbits are surprisingly easy to train, making them an ideal furry companion for kids. Using positive reinforcement, such as rewarding them with food, you can train your bunny to use a litterbox, and even do obstacle courses or tricks!

They Don’t Need Walks!

Unlike dogs, rabbits don’t need daily walks. Providing that they have suitable housing with space to run, stretch and hop, your bunny will get all the exercise they need indoors. This makes them a great option for families that can’t commit to walking an animal every day, or for children with health conditions or disabilities that would make daily walks a challenge.

Sociable Creatures

Bunnies are sociable creatures, both with other rabbits and with people. Ideally, rabbits should live in pairs as this makes them calmer and also increases their lifespan. This is great news for families with more than one child, as a pair of bonded bunnies is the perfect responsibility for siblings to share.

Rabbits Need Homes

Finally, there are always rabbits in need of good homes in the UK so if you’re thinking of introducing an animal to your family, you shouldn’t have any difficulty in finding the perfect bunny companion.

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