Let’s Get Stylish Up In Here!

For busy mums all over the United Kingdom, we all dream of home spaces that look like the pages of magazines, but (ahem), as mums we’re also acutely aware of the fact that having the pitter-patter of tiny feet running around our homes, more often than not means that we can’t have nice things either.

But then…that’s not necessarily the truth either. With just a little bit of effort and creativity, you can transform your home and living space into a liveable, attractive space that’s both functional and easy on the eye, and as if that wasn’t enough – it won’t have to cost you an arm or a leg either.

Let’s look at a few ideas.

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Refreshing your Bedrooms

In the UK we’re not exactly blessed with massive homes and expansive interior spaces, so this means that we have to get smarter when it comes to how we organise our lived in areas. Adding floating shelves, perimeter shelves or box shelves when spaced correctly can make your space look and feel bigger, and take care of all the ‘stuff’ that you don’t know what to do with otherwise.

This is certainly useful in your kid’s rooms and if you have two young ones sharing one room, then you’ll be grateful you took the time to take a look at this article.

Living Areas & Dining Rooms

For many of us, these two rooms are the same space and if that’s you – that doesn’t mean it has to be boring with knee tables for TV dinners. Invest in sideboards you’ll love that will help with keeping plates and dinner services out of the way, and they have the bonus looking great. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and you can customise a space just by adding one of these. If you’re going for a retro look, they’re perfect. Take a look at some of these ideas too.

Outdoor Spaces and Play Areas

If you live outside of the city, then you may find yourself lucky enough to have something of a garden or outdoor space, certainly, in rural areas of the United Kingdom you’re far more likely to have more personal space and if this is you – well, you’re in luck. Garden storage is a big deal, and with the right amount of thought and creativity at the helm of your planning, you can make your garden spaces look fantastic, serve a purpose and increase the value of your home.

Double Purpose Garages

Now, this idea is not going to work for everyone, because even though we have a decent public transport system in the UK, for many families a motorcar is a necessity – but, if you’re that family that lives close enough to public transport links that work efficiently in your county, then your garage can be repurposed as fun and workable storage unit in and of itself. For your kids, it can become the ultimate playground that is also weatherproof, and with some smart shopping you can add elements like flat-screen televisions and chill out zones for your teens.

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