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Laughing with the Giggle and Hop Sunny Bunnies

This week we’ve been having lots of laughs with the Sunny Bunnies! The Sunny Bunnies is a kids Milkshake TV show featuring five cute, brightly coloured round bunny rabbits. In the UK you can watch the show on Netflix, Amazon Prime or on YouTube.

Giggle and Hop Sunny Bunnies

There are five different Giggle and Hop Sunny Bunnies which are a large soft toy, approximately 28-29cm. The characters are Big Boo, who is pink/red, Iris who is purple, Shiny who is blue, Hopper who is green and the toy that we were sent, Turbo, who is orange. Your child may have a favourite from the TV show, but if they don’t, having lots of bright colours gives you the option to pick one you know they’ll like – or collect them all! It’s also handy to have such distinct characters if you’re buying for siblings.

William loves soft toys. He has an entire army of them on his bed, he hugs them and carries them around and he calls them his “friends”, which is utterly adorable. Sometimes when he’s upset he will say “I miss my friends!”, and he means his soft toys, not his actual friends at nursery. So I knew he would love these Sunny Bunnies. They’re soft and fluffy and really fun to hug – plus each has a unique feature like a tuft of hair or a bow. They’re very different to the rest of his toys which is great. The big ears make them very easy to carry around by too.

You push the nose and the Sunny Bunny has a crazy, infectious laugh and vibrates really hard, which makes it hop, wiggle and jiggle around. William loves hugging it tight whilst it vibrates, but found it very funny to watch Turbo dance around on the floor too.

As well as the large toy I’ve reviewed here, there are medium “Giggle and Wiggle” Sunny bunnies and small “Sound Slammer” bunnies available as well if you’re looking for something smaller or more portable, or something suitable for a stocking filler. They’re suitable for 12 months plus so ideal for younger children, but with the extra fun features and unique looks, will end up being cuddled for many years.

The Sunny Bunnies are available on Amazon, in Argos and in Tesco at selected stores.

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  • Reply Jemz November 15, 2020 at 11:04 pm

    My kids want these for Christmas. The TV show drives me mad haha how annoying will the toys be? Worth it?

  • Reply Flick G November 27, 2020 at 3:36 am

    So cute!

  • Reply Jade November 27, 2020 at 4:00 am

    My sons favourite colour is orange so he is gonna love this for Christmas.

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