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Last Minute Gift Ideas For A Friend You’ve Forgotten

Have you forgotten about someone’s birthday until the last minute? Or maybe you purchased a gift for someone special but now think you need to get more? We’ve all been there but this quick last minute gift guide will save the day.

Whether you forgot due to a hectic schedule or being preoccupied isn’t relevant. The key is to find something that still has relevance to the recipient. Here are some of the best late options to consider.

Gift Cards

The obvious last minute present is to put some money in a card. However, it can feel a little void of personality or connection. A far better option is to buy gift cards online. They still give the recipient the same monetary value. However, it also shows that you’ve thought about the places that they’d like to shop. And actively made the effort to do more than simply take money out of the rainy day jar. 

Even if it’s not a last minute gift, this is a great option to support other presents. For example, if you’ve bought a product that requires accessories, the gift card allows them to build their package.

Experience Days

When looking to buy something for the most important people in your life, there’s no greater gift than your time. Experience days for girlfriends are more than just a present. It is a commitment to making new memories together and provides a source of excitement. The great news is that you can book the experience day at the last minute because booking too early may cause it to expire.

Meanwhile, treating your father or a friend to a stadium tour of your favourite sports team can be another great option. Whether it’s the Principality Stadium or crossing the border to Old Trafford, stunning experience are assured.

A Video Shout Out

Does the recipient have a fascination with a specific film, TV show, or comedian? If so, arranging a video shout out from their favourite star or celeb crush is a wonderful gift that they will treasure forever. It’s also a great gift for kids that could work well with other presents linked to this passion of theirs. As long as you provide relevant information about the recipient, the star will create a truly personal gift.

If the star isn’t available on video shout out platforms, you could reach out to them on social media. Meanwhile, designing and printing a related birthday card or dressing up like the celeb or character can add something extra.

Create A Hamper

They say it’s the thought that counts. Building a hamper can be the perfect way to show that you know the person well. Whether it’s adding their favourite chocolates and sweets, flowers, candles, or items linked to their hobby doesn’t matter. The fact that you’ve taken the time to do this will bring a smile to their face. It also removes any feeling that this was a last minute gift idea.

In reality, though, you could hit the supermarket to find those items very quickly. When combined with some basic hamper making materials from the local store, such as a ribbon and a container, the gift will be perfect.

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