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Jobs You Can Do with a Combination Ladder

Having a ladder at home can help you complete a multitude of tasks including changing a lightbulb, hanging your Christmas decorations or trimming the trees in the garden. There are a lot of different types of ladders you can choose from and some are more versatile than others. 

Chances are, you won’t want to store lots of different ladders in your garage, but there is a ladder that’s a great investment for all kinds of jobs – a combination ladder

Combination ladders are unique because they can be used like a step ladder, like an extension ladder and they can be used in stairways or on uneven ground. They’re one of the most versatile ladders on the market. Here are just a few of the jobs you can do with this ingenious bit of kit.

Painting & decorating

Decorating can be challenging at the best of times, especially if there are corners and ceilings that you can’t reach on your own. Your combination can be used in its ‘step ladder’ form indoors to give you the bit of extra height you need. 

With it’s a-frame design, you can even place your ladder in the centre of the room while you paint the ceiling, in a doorway while you paint the frame, or on stairs while you paint the hallway. It’s very handy not to need a supporting wall when all the walls are wet!

Cleaning gutters 

Every year, around autumn time, gutters start to fill up with leaves and debris. It’s completely unavoidable but if the leaves are left to clog up the gutter it can cause real problems long-term. 

A combination can be used in its ‘step ladder’ form to clear gutters on a one-storey home or shed, and used in its ‘extension ladder’ form to reach second or third-storey gutters. All you have to do is change the ladder configuration. 

One of the reasons combination ladders are so popular is because they can be used at lots of different heights. This means homeowners don’t need to invest in multiple ladders of different lengths.


Gardens with trees and bushes require quite a bit of upkeep. Left to their own devices, trees and bushes can become unruly within a matter of months. That’s why they require constant pruning. 

You may have seen garden tripod ladders, designed for use on uneven ground, well, combination ladders can be used in a very similar fashion to provide support outside. 

As you can see, combination ladders are perfect if you’ve got lots off different jobs to around the house. Why invest in lots of ladders when you only need one?

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