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Ivy tries out a new Project Blu Bed from Pets and Friends

Ivy is one lucky puppy lately. Just last week she was trying out a new designer dog collar, and now Pets and Friends have sent her a brand new dog bed to sleep on. I’ll be sharing my opinion (and Ivy’s opinion!) on the Project Blu Goa Mattress Dog Bed which is currently available at £69.99.

A good dog bed is very important for our canine companions and I know this is especially true for large breed dogs who are prone to hip and joint problems. Being on something soft, but supportive, and up off the cold floor is important. We want our dogs to have a good night’s sleep, as well as be encouraged to nap comfortably in the day, storing up their energy for their next walk (and giving us a few minutes peace and quiet). The Project Blu Goa Mattress Bed is soft but feels supportive, comfortable, durable and has a great design that I chose to match the room the bed would be going in. Pets and Friends have a wide variety of Project Blu beds in different sizes and styles to suit. If you have a large breed dog like me, then I recommend the Extra Large, perfectly suited for a German Shepherd.

Project Blu is a fantastic initiative. If you’ve read my blog before you probably know how much I care about the environment and how going green in practical ways is super important to me. Project Blu’s dog beds are eco sustainable – they’re made from recycled plastic bottles that are collected from oceans, rivers, beaches and landfill. This XL dog bed is made with at least 128 plastic bottles that would otherwise be polluting our land and water. How cool is it to take those and turn them into something useful and beautiful? I love it. The polyester fabric is also recycled and the bed is made in Italy, not in a factory in China like so many pet products. Sustainable and affordable products need to be the way forward in every part of the home and I’m really keen to move forward with as many green options for pet products as possible.

Of course Ivy doesn’t know anything about that. All Ivy cares about is whether it’s comfortable and a good place to sleep and it seems to have gained the paws up from her. As soon as I put it down she was happy to be on it – so much so that William felt left out and wanted to share! Those two are inseparable.

Since then she’s slept on this bed regularly so it seems like a success for everyone. You can check out this dog bed along with many others over at Pets and Friends.

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