Is Your Home Cluttered With Toys? 3 Innovative Storage Solutions Worth Considering

Everybody loves to see their children playing with their toys. It can help them learn to play with others, exercise their creative muscles, and feel closer to the media franchises they’re a fan of. 

However, playtime has to end sometime. The toys can’t be a permanent addition to your home’s décor. 

Some parents resort to buying things like anti-lego slippers to stop the pain of stepping on their child’s toys. However, this isn’t a viable solution for two reasons. For one thing, it’s  a little silly, and for another, the child’s toys could still get damaged when trodden on. There are no real winners here. 

Better storage is the only reasonable solution. Here are 3 innovative ways to approach these measures that you should consider. 

Self-Storage Units

If your child is a serious toy enthusiast, then there aren’t many storage solutions to bottle that level of interest forever! Families can run out of space soon enough, but throwing away toys permanently can be a shame – especially if many memories are associated with them.

Self-storage units could be the answer here. Don’t worry; they’re not just for rich people with lots of stuff. They’re affordable and can usually be found in the local area, ensuring that nobody gets overwhelmed with how much stuff they need to hoard away. Maintained for long enough, a trip to the self-storage unit can also be like a trip down memory lane, too! 

But what’s so innovative about self-storage units? Well, you can store your belongings for as long as you need, only paying for the time you use. Additionally, you and your child can visit the storage and remove/add items anytime. These sites are often kept secure with gates, security cameras, and on-site staff, so there’s no need to worry about things getting lost, damaged, or stolen. 

It’s also worth thinking about the seasonal applications here too. After all, toys aren’t just legos and action figures. If they ever have waterslides, water guns, inflatable toys for swimming pools, kites, and sledges, then they can all be stashed safely away at the end of the season until next year. After that, garages and sheds can be kept clear! 

Multi-Purpose Furniture 

Furniture can often seem like it’s getting in the way, especially if you have a lot of it in smaller spaces. However, instead of taking up space, it’s quite possible these items can help you save it, too! 

Multi-purpose furniture (or multi-functional furniture depending on who you ask) is designed to make smaller space living easier. Ottomans, beds, sofas, chairs, tables – they can all have tucked-away compartments that can be opened up and used for storage.  

Using the bed for multi-functional purposes might be best for a home with cluttered toys. That way, your child’s belongings can be kept safely in their room. If they often struggle to share with their siblings, then a multi-functional storage bed can communicate a clearer message than if the toys were kept downstairs; “these are my toys; leave them alone!”. Of course, they may just find it cool to have a headboard that also doubles as a shelving unit as well! 

Wall Storage

Walls aren’t just for hanging pictures. They can also help you and your kids make the most of the vertical space around you. 

We’re not just talking about shelves, either, as that’s not quite innovative enough! Instead, we suggest that you incorporate something like a pegboard wall. These additions can be customised in various ways, including hooks and baskets that can charmingly store a range of your child’s toys. 

Charmingly is the operative word there! After all, pegboards are colourful and can be rearranged in various ways, so they have a lovely aesthetic all of their own. Your children will undoubtedly appreciate their addition to the room as they proudly arrange their toy collections on their walls.

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