Is buying a second-hand piano a good idea?

There’s a certain unease that often comes with buying second-hand. An underlying worry of wasting money on ‘too good to be true’ deals that turn out to be just that.

Yet find a quality second-hand piano for sale and it can offer a sense of charm and history – not to mention great savings! 

So, if you’re wondering if buying a second-hand piano is a good idea then the answer is simple – yes! 

And here’s why… 

Save money 

This is the biggie for most people. 

Buying a second-hand piano can represent significant savings and is a great way to get your hands on a premium instrument at a fraction of the usual retail price. 

On average, buying second-hand can save you up to 50%. That’s a huge saving, leaving you with money over for accessories, lessons, or to put away for a rainy day.  

Excellent choice

Torn between an acoustic piano and the technical capabilities of digital? Would you love to own a grand piano but need something more portable? 

With such significant savings presented by buying a second-hand piano, heck, you can buy two, and cater for all your piano needs! 

No need to crunch numbers or worry about over-stretching your budget, buy used instead of new and you’ll open up a world of choice with more pianos falling into your price bracket. 

Great for new players

Buying for the kids or planning on taking up a new hobby? 

If you’re new to piano playing and not convinced how long the enthusiasm to learn will last, take the edge off start-up costs with a second-hand piano. 

By saving yourself a fortune you’ll ease the financial burden should it turn out not to be the instrument for you. 

You’re still protected

This is where it pays to do your research. Buy from the right place (we’re talking a trusted piano dealer rather than a random online listing or friend-of-a-friend) and regardless of the fact it’s second-hand, your purchase is likely to come with a guarantee. 

Not just this though, buy from a reputable piano retailer and you can also be confident your instrument has had a full MOT before you buy. This, combined with an often impressive guarantee of up to five years, means you can buy second-hand and still invest with confidence.  

Used isn’t the same as old!

Here’s the thing to get your head around – used doesn’t mean old. 

There are tons of reasons that can lead to a piano being resold. A change of circumstances, evolved playing needs, and moving house, to name just a few. All of these present the opportunity to buy a relatively new – but technically still ‘used’ – piano, at a greatly discounted price.

Holds its value 

Not only does a second-hand piano cost less to start with but, should you decide to sell on, it’s good to know they’re also much better at holding their value than a brand-new model. 

Buying a second-hand piano

The key takeaway here is that second-hand definitely isn’t second best. 

A pre-loved instrument can offer endless playing pleasure, alongside the immense satisfaction of knowing you’ve bagged a great deal. 

So if you don’t want to compromise on quality – but you do love getting value for money – buying a second-hand piano is certainly worth considering. 

Just remember, as with all purchases, to shop smart. Buy second-hand from a known and recommended source. There are plenty of reputable piano dealers out there offering a fine selection of used instruments and will supply you a second-hand piano for sale at a great price. 

Happy shopping!

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