Interior Design Ideas That Suit a Busy Family Life

Family life is often depicted as a chaotic mess, and it certainly is, but that doesn’t mean your home can’t still be a beautiful space that incorporates design and family together as one. Today, we’re going to explore 5 ideas for incorporating family-friendly design into a busy atmosphere.

Let’s dive right in.

Framed Art

One of the best ways to merge family and design is as simple as framing some of the art your kids produce and hang it on the wall. Framed family photos can look a little cluttered when placed in shared spaces like dining rooms and living rooms, so using your child’s art can be a great way of incorporating your family life into the décor whilst leaving things looking stylish and neat. You can also try adding Led Icicle Lights to the frame to add pizzazz to your wall decor.

Modern, clean frames turn your child’s latest masterpiece into a wall-worthy event, and you can create a collage using the frames to make a feature wall in your living room. The different colours your child has used will add pleasant pops to an otherwise empty wall.

Library Display

Parent-child reading time is important, but it can turn into an endless chore of finding the exact book your child wants to hear tonight, rustling through the shelves until you get it, by which point bedtime has long-since passed. Instead, consider the shelving style you might see in the children’s section of the library, where the books are laid with their covers facing out.

This way, you can have their covers easily available. Making a wall of your child’s room these shelves creates both decoration and function, since picking out the bedtime story will be far easier. Cover art for children’s books is often beautiful, with very detailed art that is definitely worthy of being on display.

Floor Seating

A very child-friendly element of decoration that you can incorporate into your home is comfortable low-down seating. Beanbag-style chairs, poufs, and other comfortable floor cushions invite a family environment, allowing everyone – no matter how big or small – to gather together and watch a film, play some games, or just generally unwind together as a group.

The best thing about these kinds of sitting arrangements is that they almost all have covers that can be removed and washed in the highly likely event of spills and sticky hands. Another positive of this setup is that poufs, cushions, and beanbags can all be moved around as needed, even put away into storage if you want the floor to be clearer.

Storage Storage Storage

Of course, storage solutions are the key to any family home, especially a busy one with lots of people coming and going. One of the best pieces of storage furniture you can get for your family is a free-standing hallway cupboard that doubles up as a shoe rack. In these cupboards, compartments open up to easily store shoes – multiple pairs for those with little feet.

When used with complimentary, neutral colours, these cupboards are perfect for the hallway in your home, making it much easier to keep the place clean and tidy rather than have everyone’s shoes piled up near the front door. There’s another great benefit too in that the cupboard has a waist-high, flat surface on its top, allowing you to place simple things like post and keys within easy reach.


Having kids doesn’t mean you have to put all of your most precious belongings away. The key is in creating displays that are out of reach. Cabinets with clear windows are the best way to keep your goods on display without worrying about your kids getting carried away by playtime.

Inheriting special items like antiques and other significant heirlooms is a special occasion, and it’s important that those things make it intact so that you can pass them down to your kids in turn. However, it would be a shame to have to hide the goods away until they’re older. Instead, consider displays that are high up. In town-house style homes, keeping your larger pieces like silver tea sets on top of the upper kitchen cabinets is a great way to keep them within view without having them in harm’s way.

Our family is our tribe and our home is a refuge from the outside world, so it’s important to get it right when it comes to the atmosphere. You don’t want to be stressed out simply by trying to manage your home life on top of the difficulties that come with raising kids in the first place. These are only a few design tips to help you manage the balance between style and function when it comes to busy family homes. Which is your favourite?

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