Interesting Trends in Home Flooring: A 2024 Guide

When it comes to revamping your space, one of the key things you will need to look at in your home is the flooring. Flooring needs to be practical and able to withstand heavy foot traffic. It will also need to be stylish and set the tone for the room or your entire home. 

Indeed, having the right kind of flooring will help give your home a rustic, traditional, modern, or luxurious feel.

With that in mind, what are some of the trends that are coming into home flooring in 2024? Read on for a quick overview.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring, or SPC vinyl flooring, is a synthetic flooring material made mainly from polyvinyl chloride or PVC. No, it’s not shiny, but it’s not completely matt, either!

You can typically purchase it in sheets, planks or tiles, and it mimics the appearance of natural materials like hardwood, stone or tile. Why would you opt for this? It is extremely durable, water-resistant and simple to maintain while also being ideal for heavy foot traffic areas. It is a cost-effective option, and thanks to better printing and designing, it has become more realistic and durable, meaning that visitors may not be able to spot the difference.

Natural Flooring

The most common type of natural flooring in homes is wood, but you can also find stone in the form of tiles. In 2024, it seems that more people are looking to add a more rustic feel to their homes and, as such, wood and stone are coming back as popular flooring materials. The downside for many people is that these options can be a bit pricey and tough to maintain, meaning that additional polishes and washes may be needed to keep these floor options looking their best. Of course, if you have always wanted a hardwood floor and have the time to devote to keeping it looking immaculate, then that could be the best way to add some value and class to your home.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are also making a comeback as, simply put, the range of materials that they are made from makes them slot into almost any home design. Indeed, they can be made from glass, ceramic, stone, and even metallic elements, meaning that they are sturdy, easy to care for, and can fill up any space. 

They can be pricey based on what they are made from, so be sure to look around for the most suitable option.

Parquet Flooring

This is a type of wooden flooring that is composed of an often geometric pattern that appears to be made from small, wooden bricks. You may have seen it in museums, and in 2024, it is becoming a classy and appealing feature of many homes.

Parquet flooring will need to be professionally fitted, but it is often made from wood that has been heavily polished and varnished, meaning that it requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking amazing. You will need to polish it a few times a year, though!

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