Incorporate The Latest Men’s T-Shirt Trends Into Your Look

If you find that you don’t have much lightweight and breathable clothing, it may be time to consider refreshing your wardrobe with some new t-shirts to keep you cool in the warm weather. Knowing what is still in fashion can be difficult, but do not worry. Below, we will go through some of the most popular options for men’s t-shirts so you can still have a stylish look whilst soaking up the sun. 

The Linen T-Shirt

First up on this list is the linen t-shirt, a style that has come into fashion recently and is a popular option for those looking for a smart casual look. Linen t-shirts go exceptionally well with a range of looks, which means they are very versatile, and you will likely get great use. Linen t-shirts are perfect for the warmer months because they are breathable, lightweight and quick-drying, meaning that those prone to sweating are much less likely to have visible sweat patches throughout the day.

You can find linen t-shirts from a range of different brands, including both high-street brands as well as designer brands. One of the most popular brands offering this t-shirt style is Diesel. There is a wide range of Diesel t-shirts with different designs that you can match with several different outfits. If you want to choose a linen t-shirt with the most versatility, opt for t-shirts with neutral colours that can easily be styled with the rest of your outfit. Some top choices currently include beige, stone and white, which work very well with lightweight blazers for a smart-casual look. Linen t-shirts also work great with chinos or jeans for a casual day. 

The Bold Colour Crew Neck

Up next on this list is the bold colour crew neck, which has been made popular by celebrities such as Marlon Brando, Ryan Gosling, David Beckham and James Dean. These famous faces made the plain white crew neck t-shirt popular; however, plenty of other options work well with a range of different outfits. You can style a block-colour crew neck t-shirt in a pared-back pastel or primary shade with jeans or chinos for a relaxed but stylish look that will make people know you have put thought into your outfit. 

You can find colour crew neck t-shirts from many popular brands for a very reasonable price, meaning you don’t have to splash out to try these stylish ones. Because this style of t-shirt is relatively low-key, it is much less likely to go out of fashion any time soon, meaning that you will get good use out of them, making them great value for money. Of course, you can find designer brands offering this style of t-shirt, with the main difference of them being made from a slightly different material.

The Longline T-Shirt

Oversized clothes have become more prevalent in the world of fashion in recent years, which is why the longline t-shirt is being seen more and more on the streets. Celebrities have embraced this style and made wearing t-shirts that fall well below the waste fashionable. Nowadays, you can find longline t-shirts from a vast range of the top brands on the high street, meaning it won’t be hard to get your hands on them. 

You may think you can just buy a t-shirt a couple of sizes up; however, you will quickly find this will not work. The longline t-shirt has been designed to match specific dimensions, with the main exception being that the bottom of the t-shirt falls lower than usual. If you buy an oversized T-shirt, it won’t fit your arms and neck, leaving you with a peculiar look. A popular way to wear this t-shirt style is to match it with a pair of slim-fit jeans that complement the oversized look well by increasing the effect of the long t-shirt. 

The Knitted T-Shirt

The last style of men’s t-shirts on this list is the knitted t-shirt, similar to the crew neck t-shirt but slightly more formal. The knitted t-shirt is also an excellent option for the warmer weather as it is also very breathable, keeping you cool as you go about your day in the heat. However, when the temperature drops at night, the knitted t-shirt does a better job of keeping you insulated but doesn’t feel bulky. This style of T-shirt works very well with tailored trousers and shorts that are neatly cut. 

Picking your outfit for the day can be somewhat challenging; however, now that you know about some of the best ways to style the most popular styles of T-shirts with your look, you should have a much easier time. If you are unsure what to choose, don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and see what you like the most. 

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