Ideal Jeans – Do They Exist and How Can I Get One?

We all have that ideal outfit that we wear on our casual or best days – depending on the occasion and mood. Of course! I am talking about jeans – the staple clothing for any event. Getting an ideal denim pair can be tricky, especially if you are shopping personally for the first time. And even experienced shoppers still need their measurements to get the right jeans. But how can you tell that a pair of denim is right for your body shape? This guide provides the answers you seek.

Taking Your Measurements, the Right Way

If you know your denim measurement, then good for you. Otherwise, you may have to measure yourself to get an idea of the jeans required. So, how do you go about it? There are three sizes needed in taking a measurement: inseam size, waist size, and the rise (the distance between the crotch and the waistband).

With the right features, you can highlight specific areas of your body. For example, having an embellished back pocket can give you a curvy bottom. Additionally, you can go for a lace-up, zipper, or button-fly piece of denim. If you wish to rock your pants with a belt, then get one that features loops.

Selecting the Right Colour

It is a beautiful day, and you plan to hit the road sooner or later but don’t know what colour of jeans to wear. In that regards, sky-blue is the way to go. This classic colour comes in handy any day and anywhere. It gives you a vibrant look as you enjoy your day. For a work-friendly environment, you may want to opt for darker shades, like dark-blue jeans. This styling implies that you can quickly attend a dinner date from your workplace without having to change much of your outfit. Print jeans are not left out, as they spice up your entire appearance. Interestingly, you can opt for animal prints or even a pair of newspaper print jeans.

Altering Your Jeans for the Right Look

It is essential for a shopper to factor in body shape when shopping for the right pair of jeans. As we all know, people’s physique differs. Hence, what may look great on you may appear odd on someone else. An ideal jean pair should mould along with your shape, while highlighting your assets, including hips, thighs, and buttocks. If you want to reveal your feminine charm without appearing unclad, get a pair of denim with good “memory.” Such clothing can expand and retract without losing its firmness.

For overly-sized jeans, you can reduce the waistband and legs. Your tailor should consider the back length of your trouser to determine if the pair is long enough for you. To retain the fabric quality of your jeans, wash them with cold water.

You can get a better fashion experience by trying out different styles and washes, including the likes of mom jeans, dungarees, and high-waist denim. Doing so provides a different feel and look that will capture the hearts of many. So, do not be scared to give it a try.

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