How You Can Keep Mementoes of Special Memories with Your Young Children: A Guide

Times flies when your children are young, and before you know it, your kids will be grown up adults moving away or going to university on their own. So, it’s vital that you try hard to enjoy spending as much quality time as possible with your children and that you manage to squeeze in your precious time with them around your work and other commitments you may have. 

When your kids are adults and have flown the nest and live independently, you will be able to reminisce fondly on the good times you had with them as children by looking through photographs, videos, toys, and any mementoes that remind you of their childhood. Material possessions and money are things that come and go, but childhood memories are things that you and your children can both treasure and hold dearly throughout your lives and right up to the grave. 

To discover a bit more, read our guide tailored to parents, on how you can keep mementoes of special memories with your young children.

Photographs Can Be Fantastic Mementoes of Good Times When Your Children Were Young 

Photographs taken during your child’s younger years will remind you of your child’s cheeky grin they used to put on when they were little. There is a saying that a picture can tell a thousand words, so perhaps a photograph will manage to trigger a particularly happy memory you hold of a moment in your child’s life. For example, a picture of your child at their 5th birthday standing next to their birthday cake may be a special photograph that reminds you of an occasion where they felt particularly joyful and special.

A great idea to remember times when your kids were small is to create organised photo albums, so you are able to quickly flick through lots of different photographs of them at various stages of their childhood. Photo albums can come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs. If you have several children, it may be sweet to include group sibling photos of them together when they were children in a photo album. If your children are still only young, make sure those good memories don’t quickly fade away and arrange recent photographs of your young children into albums that you can have a lot of fun looking back at in a few years.

Have Framed Photographs of Your Kids Around Your Home 

It can be a nice touch to decorate your home with heartwarming pictures of your children when they were still young, wild, and free. Your adult children may now be busy and have big responsibilities such as an important job, kids to support, and a house with a mortgage to pay off, but don’t let the beautiful memories of the time you spent with them as kiddies get wiped away. 

Find pretty, artistic photo frames to frame the photographs of your children that you put around the house. Having framed photographs of your children around the place will contribute to helping to create a wholesome, welcoming, friendly atmosphere in your home. No matter where your children are in the world, they will always remain in your heart and thoughts.

Video Recordings Can Serve as Priceless Mementoes

With the rise of digital technology and most everyday electronic devices such as Smartphones and tablets now having good quality easy-to-use cameras, these days, it’s easier than ever before to take and store precious video recordings of your kids or grandkids. Gone are the days in the 1980s and 90s where you had to carry heavy old school VHS camcorders around everywhere with you to try and record memorable moments with your close ones. With a few simple clicks, smartphones today are able to record and store video clips of your fun moments spent with your children or grandchildren.

However, just remember to try and do your best not to lose or misplace digital recordings of your children/grandchildren by making sure that you back them up securely on an external hard drive. 

Personalised Calendars Displaying Treasured Photos 

Are you an organised person who likes to schedule things and keep a good track of your social engagements, medical appointments, work commitments, the birthday and anniversaries of your friends and relatives and much more? Then getting a calendar at home may be a wise choice for you, particularly if you work full-time and have a home office, and you want to use a calendar to schedule your free time to ensure you maintain an adequate work-life balance. 

One even better step could be to get yourself a personalised calendar with photographs of your children and loved ones for each month of the year. If you are now a grandparent, why not have pictures of your grandkids on your personalised calendar too? Then, suddenly every time you have a look at your calendar to arrange something, you will get the opportunity to glance at their amazing faces and a photograph documenting a happy time in their lives. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a personalised calendar, you may want to take a look at the photo calendars you can create and order from Photobox straight from your phone. The personalised calendars from Photobox are great for anyone who wants to keep personal mementos near to hand while they work. 

Canvas Prints Documenting Special Moments

Canvas print photographs of your children when they were small is a classic and timeless way to remember their youthful childhood days. You can get canvas prints in different colours and tones to match the décor style and general colour scheme of the room they are placed in. For example, you may choose to put black and white canvas prints in a room in your home with plain white painted walls.

You also have the freedom of choosing from a variety of different sizes when selecting canvas prints to put up in your home space. If you want to put a canvas print in a smaller room or a bathroom, for example, you may look for a smaller canvas that will take up less of the wall space. Another benefit of choosing canvas prints is that you will not get any glare as you do in abundance when looking at photos framed behind glass placed in rooms in the home that are filled with a lot of light. 

Custom Personalised Kitchenware with Printed Photographs of Your Children 

Another creative idea for mementoes that will provide you with special memories of your children is getting kitchenware with printed photographs of your children on it. For example, a designated plate or mug to drink from with a glowing picture of your child proudly printed onto it. Why not recall your kid’s childhood and reminisce about unique fond memories you had with them whilst sipping your morning coffee? Owning a kitchenware item with your child’s face on is something that your child and the rest of your family and friends should find rather amusing and endearing. 

Making an effort to keep mementoes of those special memories of your children and other young family members, such as your grandkids, whilst they are still young is important and something really special. After all, children only stay young and small for a few years.

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