How to Teach Your Children About Vaping

There is no perfect book or blog on the planet that can help you raise your children right. Each parent faces a unique set of challenges according to the interests and personalities of their children. It’s not as simple as telling them what is right or wrong. 

They are unlikely to simply follow what you tell them. Some might listen, but many turn rebel. 

Everyone regularly uses the internet and sees what the world is doing and what is considered cool. 

Vaping is now considered a cool activity, which is often misrepresented as a healthy activity. Vaping is safer than smoking, no doubt, but the UK’s legal age to buy vapes is still 18 years old.

So, how do you tell a rebel teenage of the twenty-first century that they shouldn’t vape?

It’s not quite simple, but you will have a better chance of succeeding in convincing them with the tips shared in this article. 

Win Their Confidence

They won’t listen to you if you are not on good terms with them. In fact, they might do the exact opposite if they think of you as a conservative old person who just wants to control them.

This is the reason why parents should be friends with their children and try to be as cool as possible. This means you will have to see them do and approve of things you don’t like. 

You have to compromise on little things to keep them away from bigger evil. 

If they trust you, they will listen to you. 

If you keep interrupting every little thing, they will take even serious things like they are nothing. Be cool about what is acceptable and to what extent. 

Learn the Facts Yourself

If you want to teach them something, learn it yourself first. Have some solid facts and arguments ready that will influence them. 

Imagine how you would look if they look up something you told them and it turns out wrong. 

All your discussion will be compromised if even one thing is factually incorrect. Be ready for the questions they might bring up, and don’t try to exaggerate the facts. 

Most kids are not stupid, and they rebel when you treat them like one. Respect them as individuals and talk like they are mature people you can trust. Tell them about how it affects the developing brains and how nicotine is addictive. Everyone thinks that they control their urges when starting out, but all of them become addicts. 

Don’t Sound Like a Teacher

The last thing you would want to do is sound like their school teacher. They should see a parent and a friend who wishes the best for them. If you start lecturing, they will not pay attention to what you are saying. 

They are not going to remember the facts. They are going to remember how your discussion made them feel. If it had that school teacher’s long boring lecture vibe, that’s how they will treat it, and that’s the only thing they will remember. 

Have Someone Else Talk to Them

You need to accept the fact that you might not be their favourite person to talk about such issues. Parents often have to be strict with their children, which can build a wall between them. 

However, there might be an older cousin, uncle, or aunt who is their favourite. If you are afraid they might not follow your instructions, have their favourite discuss the issue. Children are more likely to listen to people they consider cool. 

You should also make sure that the other person is a good example for this issue. 

They won’t listen to someone who is himself an addict or describes himself as a vape enthusiast. Even if they do vape, they should be in control of what they consume if they are to talk to your children. 

You can do your own research and educate that person beforehand. Ask them not to mention that you told them to have this discussion. Instead, they should casually bring up this topic when they all are in a good mood. 

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