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How to Successfully Renovate a Traditional Welsh Property

Traditional Welsh homes are small and charming, often with thatched roofs, though designs vary from destination to destination and depend entirely on the age of the property and the status of its original owners. Regardless of whether you are acquiring an old terrace home or a classic detached farm property, the beauty of buying in Wales is that many stunning and traditional homes are far more affordable than you might think, with some renovation-needed properties even selling for under £75,000.

Renovation is critical to make full use of an old property, especially one that you have acquired at a steal, and to help you with your renovation journey, just remember these key steps.

Be Familiar with Planning Permissions and Regulations

Traditional homes are beautiful and full of character, but when you choose to invest in one, you need to be fully prepared and committed to upholding this character. If your building is listed, for example, then you will need to get Listed Building Consent on all renovations. Some rules will mean you cannot change the walls, even if it is to add overhead lighting. Always know what you can and cannot do, and always apply for planning permission or else you could face the wrong side of the law.

Upgrade Character Features

Some features in your home are not economical to use. A fireplace, for example, can leave a huge hole in your home that will let in cold air unless sealed. Thankfully there are better alternatives. Instead of removing the fireplace, switch it out. Balanced flue gas fires are beautiful, 85% more efficient than regular fires, and very economical to run. Due to the design, they are also very quiet and incredibly safe. By installing a gas fireplace where your previous fireplace once stood, you can once again benefit from this great character feature without freezing during winter or burning through a stockpile of wood.

Give it some TLC

The best thing to do for an old home is to give it some tender love and care. Some ways you can do this include:

Sand and Seal

Sand down wooden elements, treat it and then seal them so that they look beautiful and are prepared to last another 50+ years.

Power Wash

For the exterior, particularly for brick or stone elements in your home, rent a power washer. This will clear away grime and give you a fresh looking home.


Rather than paint over, repaint. Elements in your home that are painted now but have aged with the years deserve a new coat and to be adequately sealed.


Repair what you can, and if the job is too complex, hire a professional — that way, your home’s beautiful, old features can be given new life.

Find New Ways to Add Storage

If you cannot add storage, you are going to have to be clever with the furniture. Choose pieces that can hide away items. A coffee table that can be opened up to store blankets, for example, or a bed that has storage underneath.

Old homes are hard work, but worth it for their beauty and charm. Just respect the property, think outside the box, and invest in the right areas when it comes to renovations.

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