How to select cheap apartments for sale in Dubai?

In today’s difficult times from an economic point of view, it is necessary to constantly ask yourself where you need to invest money so that they are not only saved but also brings dividends. Surely many variations come to mind with the purchase of something worthwhile. The most obvious example is real estate. The cheap apartments for sale in Dubai seem to be a very profitable investment in this regard. This is especially visible in modern times when all sorts of events do not allow you to look with confidence even in the foreseeable future and you always need to have a kind of financial safety net.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, you need to understand perfectly how attractive the conditions are for buying real estate in a country like the United Arab Emirates. Another tangible reason is the fact that this country is filled with more and more tourists every year and, as a result, the demand for housing in the UAE is growing rapidly. It is necessary to invest in real estate wisely to be able to receive pleasant bonuses in the form of additional benefits in the future.

Demanded areas of Dubai

According to reports from reputable publications such as the CBRE Dubai Residental Market Snapshot and the monthly Property Monitor reports, the following communities occupy the top positions in the list for rental and sale of housing:

• Damac Hills;

• Arabian Ranches 2;

• Jumeirah Islands.

In the current 2022, these residential complexes will remain popular. In the segment of apartments that are bought and rented according to the convenience of the location, the following areas were determined:

• Dubai Marina;

• Business Bay;

• Al Karama.

Now the priority is still spacious housing – villas and townhouses. It is they who set trends for the entire market in terms of changing preferences and prices.

Changes in the rental market

According to the latest data, the average rental rate in Dubai increased by 10.1% year-on-year by January 2022. At the same time, the cost of villas and apartments increased by 22.8% and 8.3%, respectively.

Analysts are forecasting a solid increase in rents in the first half of 2022, driven by an increase in the activity of foreign citizens, including due to the easing of restrictive measures on travel. In the second half of the year, rental growth may slow down, but the cost of renting a pitchfork will continue to grow.

Benefits of buying real estate in Dubai

This is a very profitable and promising investment. True, many do not even consider it, being sure that they cannot afford it. Until recently, this was indeed the case.

But in recent years, developers building new facilities in the UAE have been focusing on the middle-class segment. After all, he is also interested in acquiring residential and commercial real estate here.

In addition, there are mortgage programs on very favorable terms, which are also available to foreigners. With Emirates.Estate is easier to do this, as there is an opportunity to compare prices and consider options.

Real estate in the UAE is an excellent and reliable investment for those who want to invest in overseas housing. Taking into account the not entirely stable economic situation in our country, many people, thinking about how to save their savings or provide an alternate airfield, are actively investing in real estate abroad.


When selecting the kind of property, you should not overlook your lifestyle. When creating a conclusion, the customer must decide what is his main focus: solitude or plainness. Multi-apartment complexes, as a control, are found closer to the center, and, therefore, to necessary infrastructure structures and places of entertainment.

Villas for sale in Dubai, on the other hand, are found primarily in suburban areas and gated residents further away from amenities and recreation. These neighborhoods are great for families who enjoy presenting their kids in a quiet background.

Nevertheless, a lone professional looking to live close to their work environment, or a couple conditioned to relax in restaurants, bars, and other entertainment venues, will prefer apartment living.

Professional assistance with buying property in Dubai, UAE

Take a step towards your dream today – start your search for real estate in the UAE on Emirates.Estate. The specialists on the site will help you choose an apartment in Dubai or a house in Abu Dhabi, answer all your questions, and also ensure a safe transaction.

Other useful sections are presented directly on the site Emirates.Estate  in a convenient variation. As an example, you can focus on real estate from all regions of the UAE, as well as current news and useful articles about current life in this country. In addition, you can find detailed information about accommodation and recreation opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. All sections of the site have the correct structure, so even the most uninitiated person in Internet technology will quickly find exactly what he wanted for himself. And if it so happens that someone has questions about the services of the company “Emirates.Estate”, then this moment is solved very simply: just contact the support service, where you will definitely be helped and advised exactly what will satisfy all your requests and needs.

In conclusion, I would like to draw attention to the professionalism of the employees of the company, which has been awarded numerous diplomas and awards. But to the greatest extent, it is emphasized by positive feedback from customers, most of which become permanent and in the future turn for help to those people who understand the issues of buying, renting, and selling real estate not just well, but at a pristine level.

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