How to Remove Stains from the Carpet Easily?

Carpeting makes homes feel cosy and flattering, but keeping carpets clean often requires special attention. Any liquid or dirt will leave characteristic stains on the carpet. This makes you wonder how to get the stain off the carpet without using carpet cleaning services. Although there are some very effective domestic carpet cleaning methods, do not forget you should use deep carpet cleaning procedures once or twice a year. Companies, offering professional carpet cleaning services, are equipped with the most powerful machines and eco-friendly preparations that can cope with any kind of stains.

Preparatory Steps before Cleaning Carpet Stains

At the time of carpet cleaning, a synthetic or woollen carpet, most likely, already has time to be saturated with dust and dry well. In this regard, preparation for cleaning is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Removal of dried parts. To do this, it is enough to take something hard and pointed (like a blunt knife). Carefully inspecting the carpet, you have to scrape off dried lumps, adhering dirt and dust mats with the selected tool.
  • Drying. If the pollution is fresh and the moisture has not yet been absorbed, the consequences can be minimized as much as possible. This can be done with a fresh wine stain on your carpet, spilled juice, or other liquid contaminants. It is enough to take a soft, absorbent cloth and blot the spilled liquid. The main thing is that the movements should be directed from the edge of the spot to its centre.
  • Checking reagents. Their effect on the material must be checked. This is very easy to do: choose a spot on the carpet that will not be conspicuous if damaged, and then apply the stain remover. You can check the result after 2-3 minutes by wiping it with a white dry cloth. If there are no traces of paint on the cloth, and the carpet pattern does not change, then you can use the selected reagent.
  • Drying. If you need to quickly dry a wet area after domestic carpet cleaning, you can put a fan next to it and turn it on. Never use a hair dryer. 

How to Remove Carpet Stains at Home?

Substances that can be found in any home will help you remove stains on the carpet. Usually these are ingredients for cooking:

  1. Soda. This ingredient is found in every kitchen. Its advantage can be called cleansing not only from dirt, but also from unpleasant odours. Spread baking soda evenly over the entire surface of the greasy stain. Let it sit for about half an hour. Then turn on the vacuum cleaner and collect the powder. The stain will disappear with the baking soda. This option is suitable for cleaning all carpets. If you have to remove a stain from a white carpet, then the soda can be replaced with salt, raw potato wedges or regular food starch. Loose products are more suitable for lint-free carpets.
  2. Soda and hydrogen peroxide. Both ingredients are great cleaners on their own. By combining these products in one bottle, you can remove the stain from the carpet even faster. You need to mix 2 tablespoons of soda and half a glass of peroxide, pour into a spray bottle and spray onto the stain. Wipe the damp surface with a microfibre cloth.
  3. Cabbage. This carpet cleaning method is not only environmentally friendly, but also much more effective than many chemical products. It is only used on fresh spots, since it does not cope with old ones. Put some sauerkraut cabbage on a dirty surface, after squeezing the brine and rinsing in clean water to remove the aroma. Take a brush and scrub the soiled area by rubbing the cabbage into the cloth. The cut leaves will gradually change colour, absorbing dirt. It is necessary to clean it until it completely disappears, washing the cabbage from time to time.

Almost everyone is familiar with the need to remove coffee stains from carpets. The procedure is also not complicated and requires only care. In 1 litre of water, dissolve 1 tablespoon of pharmacy glycerin. Dip a clean, soft cloth in the solution and carefully treat the stain.

Be careful! White or beige carpet is affected by certain ingredients, so it may not cleanse itself, but absorb additional pollutants. In this regard, use only proven products, and do not leave wet spots: dust, falling on the material, will stain it. Then spots will again become visible, only in the form of stains.

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