How to reclaim your identity after becoming a mum

Motherhood is a wonderful gift, but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy. While it’s important to give as much love and attention to your little ones as you can, it’s important not to lose sight of yourself. Lots of new mums feel like they’ve lost a piece of their identity after giving birth, which is completely normal. Your whole life has revolved around your new addition to the family, but now you’ve gotten used to your role as a mum, it’s time to reclaim parts of the person you were before. This process will look a little bit different for everyone, but this blog will cover some things you can try to feel a bit more like yourself again.

Body Image

While lots of mums are happy to embrace their bodies after giving birth, others will want to try and get back to what they know as normal. If you are used to caring about your appearance, something as simple as putting on a little bit of makeup or getting your hair done could give you a real boost. For other mums, getting liposuction or trying out a new exercise routine could be the answer. While it can be hard to find the time to wear nice clothes or apply makeup, putting on a jumper you love and pulling out your favourite lipstick are great first steps.


It’s easy to put aside the things you love doing in favour of caring for a little person who you love even more, but it’s important to keep up with hobbies that don’t involve your baby. Even just 30 minutes of painting, yoga, cycling or pottery can help you reconnect with the person you are deep down. If the hobbies you did before becoming a mum don’t appeal to you anymore, this is a great time to discover something new. Don’t be afraid to discover new facets to your personality during this exciting chapter of your life.


As a mum, it can sometimes feel like the only people you talk to are children or other mums. Try to find some time to spend time with the people you used to see before having a baby. It’s all too easy to lose touch with people once you’ve started a family, which can be a real shame if you have some great connections. If possible, ask your partner or a relative to watch your child while you have an afternoon or evening off.


Some mums choose not to go back to work after maternity leave, but if you love your career, you might be looking for ways to work again while balancing childcare. Being a working mum can be tough, but it gets easier once your little ones go to nursery and school. If you really want to restart your career, think about easing in with a part-time role or taking on some freelance work so you can still be at home too.

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