How To Prepare Your Family For Leaving Lockdown

The kids aren’t back in school just yet, but as non-essential shops begin to re-open in the UK, it looks as though the road to our new normal has finally begun. 

Over the last few months, we’ve all developed our own routines to adjust to life at home and getting things back on track might feel as drastic a change as lockdown did in the beginning. 

If you’re worried about how you and your family will handle the shift back to normal life, check out these tips to prepare for the changes ahead. 

Preparing yourself 

The re-opening of non-essential shops has meant a return to work for many retail workers.

But for those still at home, now may be a good time to prepare yourself. Even those who have been working from home have developed new routines that will be disrupted by a return to the office. 

There are a few things you can do to ready yourself. Whether you’re a remote worker getting little extra sleep in the mornings due to missing the commute, or your sleep pattern is totally disrupted, a few simple steps such as cutting back on caffeine, napping and screen time can help restore a little regularity. 

Prepare the kids

It will be hard enough for the grown-ups to adapt to post-lockdown life, but for the kids it could be even tougher as they begin to miss their new at-home routines. 

If your kids are nervous about going back to school, talk them through their worries and have honest conversations. Remind them that its not all bad – no doubt they’ll be looking forward to seeing their friends again. 

And in spite of the mountains of homework many schools have been sending out, recent stats suggest that many schoolchildren have actually done very little work since lockdown began, so don’t feel bad if your household is in that same boat!

If you suspect they need a bit of support before returning to the classroom, it may be worth enlisting a little outside help. Teachers To Your Home is a tutoring service that can provide online on-to-one sessions to give your kids a helping hand. As well as boosting their education and their confidence, tutoring is a great way to re-introduce them to a school routine and get them back on track. 

Prepare your pets 

If you have pets at home, the end of lockdown will come as a shock to them too after months of being with you and your family 24/7. 

You might not want to think about the puppy eyes your dog will give you when you leave them alone for the first time in months, but it’s going to happen. (The cat probably won’t care until it’s hungry). 

Vets have offered their own advice on how to ease the transition – small steps such as spending time apart from your pet in a different room can help them to handle short periods of separation, which can gradually be extended over time. 

These are just a few tips to help the family prepare for life after lockdown.

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