How to Plan a Great Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is approaching fast. Make it one to remember with the following tips and tricks. 

In British culture, bonfire night is a big deal. 

Once a year, it allows friends, families, and colleagues to come together and have a great time under the night sky as beautiful fireworks explode in different colours. If you’re lucky, you can also enjoy some candy apples. 

Naturally, everyone is different when it comes to what they do on bonfire night. Some people like to go to local pubs, while others drive to different cities to watch the fireworks. For example, London is an ultra-popular destination on bonfire night, with countless people staying overnight to enjoy the different events and displays. 

Then, there are there are those who like to plan their own bonfire nights at home. If this is something you want to do this year, then you’ve come to the right place, as this guide will teach you how to plan a great bonfire night that everyone will enjoy. 

Let’s get prepared for an epic bonfire night. 

  1. Buy Fireworks 

The first step is to buy fireworks. 

If you want to know where to buy fireworks, use Here, you can buy complete firework displays, individual rockets, sparklers, and everything else you could possibly need for a great bonfire night. It’s recommended that you order the fireworks you want beforehand, though, so they can be delivered to your home before bonfire night arrives. 

Remember, fireworks are a crazy amount of fun but can also be dangerous if you don’t follow the proper procedures. To help you out, here are some general firework safety tips that will keep you (and everyone else around you) safe: 

  • Always light fireworks at arm’s length 
  • Ensure fireworks are properly secured before lighting so that they don’t accidently tip over
  • Point fireworks skywards 
  • Never throw fireworks
  • Don’t store fireworks in dangerous places (such as your pockets) 

When you follow all of the above-mentioned advice, you’ll be 100% safe. 

  1. Use a Fire Pit 

If you’re hosting your firework display in your back garden, it’s highly recommended that you have a fire pit there. Bonfire night takes place in November when it’s typically freezing cold outside, so you need a source of warmth for you and your guests. Plus, you can even use your fire pit to toast marshmallows, which is something that the kids will love. 

  1. Stock Up on Food and Drinks

No bonfire night is complete without plenty of food and drinks. 

Here are some essentials that you should include:

  • Candy apples
  • Hot dogs and burgers 
  • Chocolate s’mores
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages for the adults (e.g., mulled wine)
  1. Set Up Some Speakers

Set up some speakers in your garden or around your patio door so you can play music during your bonfire night. Music is something that the guests will definitely appreciate, as it’s a great way to boost the atmosphere. Need some bonfire bangers to play? Check out this bonfire music list from NME

  1. Gloves and Blankets for Everyone! 

If it’s an icy cold November night, make sure you have plenty of gloves and blankets to hand out to your bonfire party guests. At least one of your guests will likely forget to wear suitable warm clothing, so they’ll need extra gloves and a cozy blanket when you’re out in the garden. 

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