How to makeover a Child’s Bedroom

There are likely to be multiple times in your children’s lives that they decide they want a new bedroom theme. Sometimes it’s just a colour or some new posters on the walls, but I can guarantee a few times they’ll be asking for some big changes. Having a child’s bedroom makeover can be a fun way of giving a surprise gift, whether it’s for birthday, Christmas, exams, or a reward for something else. If you can get them out of the house for the weekend and then surprise them when they get back then it’s so much fun! Or maybe you want to get them to join in and help with the makeover and turn it into a family bonding experience. Either way, you’re going to need a plan and some supplies.

How to makeover a Child’s Bedroom

Picking a Theme / Colour Scheme

Step one is to pick a theme or colour scheme. Maybe your child is obssessed with Peppa Pig, Fire Engines or going on Safari. Maybe they’re a bit older and would prefer something in a certain colour or style. This is the pivotal point around which you’ll be staging the entire rest of the room, so you need to pick first! Here are some examples:

This starry night theme with space accessories has a low bed, ideal for a toddler’s first bed so they can easily get in and out.
This bold and busy room has lots of secret places for the child who lives to read and play.
This Minecraft themed room has a stunning green tree mural with shelves incorporated into it – so clever!
This pink themed room is ideal for a teen or older child, with a wire board for clipping all their favourite photos and important notices.

This layout has Bunk Beds to make the best use of space for multiple children – or to have space for sleepovers!

Plan the layout and decide what practical things are useful

Depending on how old your child is and what they do, you’ll need different things or to use the space in a different way. A child who is into their computer, writing or art, may need a larger, well lit desk. A child whose interested in athletics or dancing may want a space for skipping or practicing their ballet in front of a mirror. A child who loves fashion or dressing up may need a larger wardrobe. Maybe your child always has friends staying over and needs a trundle bed and multiple seats so they can read books or watch TV together, or maybe they want a cosy book corner where they can feel relaxed and quiet to read. So really sit down and think – what is the best way to use the space for your child’s personality and needs?

Pick your Flooring

The main two floor options will be carpet or wood laminate flooring. There’s also tiling, but that’s not usually something used in kids bedrooms. Both have pros and cons. Carpet is warm in the winter, feels nice underfoot and comes in a massive array of colours and styles, but it’s also more prone to spills and stains and might not be as ideal for muddy feet, or homes with cats and dogs. Laminate flooring used to be used mainly in the downstairs areas, but is starting to be used across the entire house now. It’s long-lasting and very hard wearing, which is ideal for family use and allows you to be flexible with decor like rugs or even floor stickers. Yes, you heard me, floor stickers, also known as vinyl rugs!

Round Fish Vinyl Rug from


The main two options for walls are paint or wallpaper, but after that you have the creative freedom to make the walls suit the theme. After you’ve picked a colour and a scheme, one option which is also good for smaller makeovers and ways to change an existing theme in a rental property or when you can’t fully change the walls, is to use Wall Stickers.

Photo: Kids Road Traffic Wall Decal from

You can even get personalised wall stickers which can add that extra layer of customization and uniqueness. This will definitely impress all your kids friends!

Photo: Personalised Kids Rocket Wall Sticker from

Furniture and Storage

You’ve most likely already got the basic furniture such as your child’s bed, drawers and wardrobe. Now’s a good time to think about your storage and whether there’s any way you can organize or improve. After all, you’re taking everything out and decorating anyway, so this would be an ideal time for a bit of a sort out and upgrade. Here are some things to consider:

Adding hooks – Hooks on the back of cupboards or doors, or even on the wall, can help keep things off the floor and tidy.

Underbed storage – Got some space under the bed? Get some tubs. You can get tubs that are very short that are still ideal for storing things like Lego.

Use Ikea Spice Racks – Store books sideways in Ikea spice racks, they’re increadibly cheap and versatile!

Make use of every available space – Don’t let any space go to waste. Consider utilizing beds that offer built-in storage options, such as drawers or shelves, maximizing the functionality of the furniture. These beds come in various styles and designs, making them aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to different interior décors. They can add a visually interesting element to a kids room, especially with the use of decorative elements or themed designs. Check Bed Kingdom bunk beds for kids if you’re looking for options to maximize the limited floor space in your child’s room. Get up shelves, pegboards or corkboards, hang toy baskets or more. Think outside the box and analyse what your kid likes doing and how you can provide a space for them to do it. For example, below is an adhesive chalkboard you can cut to size and stick onto the wall to create a drawing space!

Decorations and accessories

Whilst it’s good to have a few themed accessories, it’s always nice to take this final step with the child after the bedroom reveal. You can go shopping together and pick out some extras to decorate the room. Things to consider are:

  • Wall art / photos and frames
  • Cushions
  • Duvet covers, bedsheets and pillow cases
  • Bedside or lamp
  • Lampshade
  • Curtains
  • Bookends
  • Plants or other decorative items

Some of these you might want to do yourself to complete the theme as part of the surprise, but leave one or two for your child to personalise themselves, so they get to put the finishing touches on it!

I hope that this guide has given you some ideas for your kids bedroom makeover. Let me know in the comments if you’ve got any to share!

If you're giving a kids bedroom a makeover, you'll want some ideas and a plan. I'm here to help!

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