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How to make your Living Room Warm and Cosy this Winter

Let’s talk about making your living room warm and cosy this Winter. I’m going to cover some simple things you can think about when assessing what you can do to make your living room a bit more cosy and comfortable, whilst still being stylish and also completely functional, ideal for the whole family.

Keeping Warm

Keep yourself warm and cosy this winter. If it’s possible, a natural wood log fire will be both economical and offer the ultimate in winter warmth. There are other ways to keep warm without spending money. Dress warmly and always have a pair of comfortable, cosy socks downstairs to pop on over your normal socks, or a pair of slippers if you prefer. Drink lots of hot drinks – having places to put these around the room will help you enjoy them, such as side tables. Make sure you have a warm rug on the floor, and plenty of soft blankets to hand. Fleece and wool both hold the heat well, but all the rage this year is electric blankets as they use far less to heat you than heating the whole room.

A Comfy Seat

A cosy living room relies upon you having somewhere comfortable to sit. If you have a sofa then make sure you have lots of cushions and blankets to create warm and cosy seating. An alternative option is having a bean bag, and these can create extra seating ideal for the kids or visiting family or friends – or can be the ultimate cosy place for you to relax!

Take for example this amazing bean bag above. It’s the Mega Mammoth Bean Bag from Big Bertha Original, in dusty blue (what a perfect winter colour too). I definitely want one of these in my living room!

A Cosy Floor

Whether you’ve got carpet or hard wood floors, a rug will increase the cosy feel this year. Adding insulation to the floor helps keep heat in, and it means you won’t be walking on cold floors. It also has a sensory appeal, something with a deep tread that’s soft to the touch will feel fantastic to sit or lie down on. You can have several rugs and switch them out when the weather gets colder. I have a summer and winter rug!

Adjust the Lighting

Traditional energy saving bulbs aren’t dimmable, but now there’s a wide range of modern LED bulbs that you can use in dimmable lamps, this allows you to turn down the light and get cosy in the evenings. Make sure you’re using warm white bulbs for that warm yellow glow, and not the harsh cool white which can be glaring. You can even have your lamps controlled by an Alexa or your smartphone, or have a remote control, so no need to get up! Candlelight is always warm and cosy in the winter too, just be careful with candles if you have animals or kids, and always remember to snuff them out before falling asleep or leaving the room. As I’ve got a five year old, three cats and a dog, I’m sticking to my lamps, but I do love candlelight.

Winter Comforts

Finally, make your living room cosy by making sure all your winter comforts are within easy reach. That’s blankets and cushions for your sofa, candles to offer warmth and light, good scents like citrus and cinnamon and have your entertainment to hand, whether that’s the TV remote, a speaker with your favourite podcast connected, or a good winter read. Once you get nestled all comfortable and cosy in your living room, you won’t want to get up again, so make sure whatever you need is already in place!

I hope that this has given you a few ideas and you’re ready to get your living room ready for winter!

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  • Reply Maria January 5, 2023 at 11:46 pm

    Lovely tips for creating comfort and coziness in the winter. I love decorative and burning candles in the winter. They make the room smell great and create a wonderful atmosphere.

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