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How to make your home look expensive and luxurious

Want an expensive looking home, but don’t want to break the bank? Then read on, where you’ll find six simple ways to update your home with a luxury touch without the cost.

The Windows

While you may just think of them as something every home has, these can be a huge focal point in your home. This makes them the ideal way to add a little luxury look to your home. From thick, long curtains to add a touch of opulence to simple and stylish wooden blinds from the likes of Swift Direct Blinds, which allow you to choose how much daylight you let in, these will add a stylish and expensive touch to every room they’re in.


As we know, having lots of space instantly gives the impression of being more extravagant and expensive. But, with the UK having the smallest homes in Europe, having this extra space just isn’t an option for many people. But, there is a way to create the illusion – mirrors. Adding them to hallways will provide more depth while adding them to living rooms will also provide additional features and the illusion of space. They also help to reflect the natural light, instantly opening up space in your home.


Speaking of lighting, this is a great way to add an expensive touch. Not only will it add fabulous lighting touches in the evening, which gives the vibe of a grand hotel that you won’t get from a solo ceiling light. But, the various styles of lamps you can add will help to create new, luxurious and stylish dimensions.


One thing that screams expensive is a minimalist style. Offering clean edges and clear surfaces, the minimal number of accessories will remove clutter and open up your home immediately. If you have children, this may be a little difficult, but you can work around this by having their own play areas in their rooms that aren’t minimalist. However, having a minimalist design will allow for the odd toy to be around as there won’t be much clutter in the first place. Meanwhile, the simple, neutral colours will help to open up your rooms.

A pop of colour

While a minimalist, neutral tone is great, a splash of colour on one feature wall or through cushion and throws will add an expensive touch that can’t be achieved by neutrals alone. Just don’t go over the top and keep the colours subtle to make them more expensive looking.


Finally, plants always add a lavish touch. With their green ways adding the glamour of the outdoors, this is a simple way to add touches to your home that make it look expensive, while also adding natural air.

While all of the above may look expensive when done, they won’t cost too much to implement, so now’s the time to go and make your home look fabulous.

Do you have any ideas to make the home look more luxurious without spending tons of money? Leave a comment!

A guide to making your home look expensive and luxurious, without having to spend loads of money!

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    Great tips. Always looking for ways to improve my home on a budget.

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