How to make your garden look better? 5 design ideas

Looking for inspiration to improve your garden? Outdoor area transformation is super easy when you know what design features to upgrade or add to the landscaping mix. Keep on reading for the best garden design amendments that will make a difference.

Designing your garden might be challenging and time-consuming

Garden design and redesign take time, effort and skill. So if you want to make a change but you are not up for the task, ask for help. No need to take on this challenge alone when there is a professional gardening service out there willing to take it off your shoulders.  Moreover, by entrusting expert gardeners, you can rest assure planting, maintenance and landscaping chores around your yard are being well taken care of. 

Plan your design in advance, with carefully mapped areas for different purposes, such as nature, relaxation and even cooking! One of the most popular things to do in the garden during good weather months is to cook outside – grills and BBQs can be built in, with smokers or outdoor kitchens to suit your needs. There are a lot of inspiring kitchens you can consider, and making a plan first gives you an idea of what space you have to work with.

6 design ideas that you should try

Trees & Grass

Barely anything could make a garden cosier than trees. Not only do trees enhance your garden features and landscape design, but they also provide sun protection and outdoor privacy for you and your family. 

Trees are great means to secure shade from the sun during warm months when you want to hang outside. Evergreen trees will grant your garden lush colouration all year round, while ornamentals and fruit trees will stun with blooms in spring and summer. The best thing is, if you go for fruit-bearing trees, you can harvest homegrown organic edibles.

There are thousands of ways to incorporate trees into your outdoor layout. Place them along the backyard outer edges, near fences or in between different garden zones to create visual separation. Use them to cover unpleasant views and make your surroundings more unified and private. 

A grass area can be created by laying turf or sowing grass seed and reaping the rewards. Grass encourages insects, absorbs rainful and creates a large amount of oxygen. Even a small area could make a big difference!

Relaxation area

Who says that a garden should solely be a place to grow plants? Every backyard needs a relaxing area. An area that combines a classic traditional garden and an utilized outdoor living space. Build yourself a place to unwind and get away from everyday troubles.

There are countless possibilities to make this project work, even in tiny gardens. Set up your relaxation area on a patio, raised platform, porchway, or directly on your lawn. Include as many garden features as you wish.

Fix a hammock, install hanging furniture, or add cushions and blankets to outdoor sofas, lounges, chairs, and armchairs to make them cosier. Add a living wall or water feature to keep the zen vibe on all the time.

Modern furniture 

If you opt for a modern and impressive garden design, then investing in stylish outdoor furniture should be on your bucket list. Modern furniture will not only make the garden stand out but will stimulate you to spend more time in the fresh air with family and guests.

If you have a lot of space available in your yard, think about all the opportunities it holds. Maybe install a firepit sofa set or an outdoor kitchen with a contemporary bar? Or if you are a fan of casual settings, get a minimalistic dining set or a modern seating installation for outdoor fun and recreation.

Limited space? No problem! There is no need to sacrifice the whole garden to accommodate sofas, bars, grills, etc. Small spaces could benefit from foldable furniture and compact dining sets. For mid-size patios surrounded by walls or fences, a courtyard area with corner seating is a wonderful choice.

Create shelves and hooks

Small gardens deserve to look great as well! One of the best ways to achieve that is to work on vertical designs and arrangements. That is where hooks and shelves do their landscaping magic. 

Buy those at every home and garden store, or get creative with DIY solutions. Mount your hooks and shelves to fences and walls to extend the usable area. Ensure the mounting surface can take the weight. Then start arranging and decorating.

Go for single or ladder-type shelving to display planters, garden accessories and ornaments. And on hooks, you can hang outdoor lighting, lanterns, potted plants, birdhouses or other decor. Feel free to use hooks as a hanger for your garden gear and tools as well.

You can make use of existing shelves and window sills by getting window box planters, and planting them with small colourful flowers that will really make your existing space pop.

Use colours and mirrors

In garden design, it’s always a good idea to camouflage the exposed walls. Spice them up with bright coloured paint and garden mirrors to make the surrounding plants pop. A decorative mirror with a window shape is perfect for plain walls. It creates an illusion of a greener and larger space, while vivid coloured walls add more diversity and depth.

Plant flowers vertically

Vertical plant displays are ideal for saving space, utilizing a small garden and giving your outdoor area the aesthetic boost it needs. Blooming flowers go remarkably well with these types of living wall installations. 

The perfect place to situate your vertical garden would be attached to a fence or an outer wall. Vertical flower beds are great for hiding old paint, rusty walls, sheds and other structures that are still functional but do not match the landscape visually.

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