How to Make Your Driveway Look Posh

Whenever someone goes past your house, or whenever you’ve got a visitor, the first thing they’ll notice about your outdoor space isn’t what your home looks like but, instead, the look of your driveway.

A driveway forms part of a home’s “kerb appeal” and can be a pivotal reason for someone taking an interest in your house if they’re looking for a home to buy. You’re likely reading this because you might feel your driveway looks lacklustre, and you want to improve it.

One way to improve your home’s kerb appeal is by upgrading the driveway and making it look “posh.” Here are some ways that you can achieve that goal:

Have a New Driveway Laid

Your current driveway might have looked great when you had it installed ten years ago. However, if it’s now showing signs of ageing and has developed a few cracks or other damage during that time, it’s worth having a new driveway laid.

As you can imagine, there are many surface choices when considering a new driveway. Most people opt for block paving or tarmac, while others prefer the look of gravel. However, neither of those options will look good if you’re trying to achieve a posh driveway.

Instead, you should have your new driveway laid with outdoor tiles. They can withstand the effects of weathering, and they’re safe to drive on, even if you own an extremely heavy vehicle.

There are many styles and colours available for outdoor tiles; you will undoubtedly find a selection that best suits the exterior aesthetics of your home.

Landscape the Lawn

If your driveway has sections of lawn that run along either side, you should next turn your attention to the landscaping – or the lack of it. If your front lawn has patchy grass or contains more weeds than grass, it makes sense to hire a professional landscape gardener.

They can get rid of your lacklustre lawn and put in its place some rolls of freshly grown turf. The landscaper that you choose can also recommend how best to care for your new lawn, so it always looks outstanding, whatever the weather.

Invest in Some Decorative Raised Beds

There’s no denying that flowers and plants can boost the look of any front lawn and create focal points around a driveway. You could install some new plants along the edges of your driveway, for example, to make it look prettier.

But, one neat idea is to invest in some decorative raised beds. Ones made from old beer casks or barrels are timeless styles that look amazing on any driveway. Plus, they can be helpful on driveways where space is at a premium.

Install Some LED Lighting

One final idea for making your driveway look posher is by installing some LED lighting along the sides. The best-looking examples are ones where they get encased in a brick shape – perfect for installation on a driveway with a block-paved border.

You can even have ones that automatically come on when it gets dark, making it easier for you or visitors to approach your home.

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