How to make Halloween 2023 the best one yet for your kids

Halloween can be a time of year that all ages enjoy. When we’re younger though, our experience is often significantly curated by the adults around us, and it’s up to our parents to create the perfect experience. If you’re wondering how to make this Halloween the most special one yet, then read on for some top tips on how to go about doing so.

Help them with their costume choice

Perhaps the single most fun part of Halloween is dressing up. When you’re young, sometimes you’ll need a little bit of a helping hand to come up with an idea that you’re happy with. Try not to be prescriptive, don’t tell your kids what to do but just give them a couple of rough pointers. 

Something else that can be really helpful is taking your kids to a costume shop like Fun Place, and letting them have a look around. Most children think far more visually than we do, and it can really help them to see what Spiderman actually looks like, rather than just hear the words.

A treasure hunt

If you have the time, then think about organising a treasure hunt for them. This could be in your local park, at night to make it a little bit more scary, or in your house or garden if you don’t want to go that far. 

You can hide little sweets, and other small scary items that you can think of, providing them with a map and clues to find it all. Treasure hunts are always heaps of fun for kids (and adults) and it can be a great activity for your children and their friends to partake in.

Choose the right area to trick or treat in

Not all areas are appropriate for trick or treating. If you live on a main road, or in an area where not many people put pumpkins out, then consider going somewhere else nearby. 

It can make a big difference to the overall experience if most of the doors you knock on answer, rather than being met by silence. You shouldn’t have to go far, and you can ask around your network of friends and family for recommendations on where might be a good spot.

Local events

Try having a look at local events that might be suitable for your kids. There might be a haunted house nearby, or a cinema that’s decorated their cinema for Halloween and is doing a special viewing of a ‘scary’ kids’ movie. Check-in any online parent groups in your area, on Facebook or WhatsApp, to see if anyone recommends any events in your area.

There’s a lot more you can do besides the points listed here to make this Halloween the best one yet for your kids, but this should have you off to a good start. 

Try to reach out to other parents in your area, and plan out some events that you can do together – it’s always more fun to do Halloween with your friends, both for your kids and for yourself.

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