How To Learn Skills When You’re On Holiday 

Holidays are meant to be a time to get away from it all and relax, but that doesn’t mean that, should the opportunity arise, you can’t also learn some new skills, especially if those skills are going to be useful in other areas of your life (although, even if they’re not, learning new things is great for keeping your brain active and healthy and for giving your holiday a boost). 

The question is, of course, how can you learn new skills when you’re away from home and enjoying a much-deserved break? The good news is there are actually a number of great ways to do it, so keep reading to find out more. 

Have Some Goals 

It’s perfectly possible (and quite fun) to go on holiday and not have any particular learning goals in mind, and it could be that you still come across opportunities to learn some new skills, whsich is great. However, if you prefer to make plans and not leave anything to chance, it’s actually better to have some goals in mind, and then you can make sure you tailor your holiday to meet those goals if possible. 

You might, for example, want to learn how to sail a boat. In that case, you can organise a skippered sailing holiday and literally learn the ropes – you won’t be in charge of the boat because you’ll have crew, but you can still learn some useful skills along the way. Or perhaps you want to learn how to throw a pot, paint a landscape, scuba dive, or anything else – if you plan in advance, you can ensure you meet those goals head on. 

Speak To Locals 

Another great way to enjoy learning new things when you’re on holiday is to speak to the locals wherever you happen to be. In many places, the people who live there will be excited to show you how they live and some of their culture, and it could be that you learn how to dance, cook, do art, or anything else just because you’re willing to get involved. 

It really depends on the kind of holiday you’re looking for, as you could just sit on a beach and relax for a week or two (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but if you want to do more such as teaching English with a TEFL degree and you want to learn more, then talking to the locals is a great place to start.

Try New Things

Perhaps you don’t have any particular goals and your aim isn’t really to learn anything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t – or shouldn’t. Why not make it a rule for yourself that if you’re offered the chance to try something new while you’re away, you take that chance? In that way, you might end up learning something new (or perhaps a lot of new things) even if you hadn’t intended to. 

If you like this idea, then it’s best not to go with any specific plans and just see what happens. In that way, you’ll have a lot of fun and potentially learn some great new skills at the same time. 

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