How To Know If Your Body Is in Toxic Overload

Toxins are everywhere, from the air you breathe to the foods you eat to the soap you wash your hands with. Though it’s difficult to avoid them entirely, the good news is that the body was designed to naturally eliminate toxins through the liver, kidneys and other organs. However, if you intake toxins at a rate that is faster than what your body can excrete them, they could turn poisonous and lead to what health professionals call “toxic overload.” Toxic overload can impair organ function, damage your tissues and lead to a wide range of health problems. To prevent these outcomes, know the signs of toxic overload and when to do a digestive detox.

5 Symptoms of Toxin Overload

First things first, it’s important to address the question, what is toxic overload? Toxic overload is precisely what it sounds like — the accumulation of toxins and unwanted substances in the body at any given time. When toxic overload occurs, it can contribute to inflammation, weaken the immune system, exacerbate illness and make you feel just plain blah. If you feel out of sorts, look for these five signs that it may be time for a digestive detox.

1. Low Energy Levels

Your body — and, in particular, your kidneys and liver — work hard to expel toxins and keep you healthy. If you have an excessive amount of toxins in your body at any one time, your waste-eliminating organs cannot keep up, which may result in a toxin backup. This may, in turn, result in low energy levels and chronic fatigue.

2. Constipation

Some toxins, such as those found in packaged foods, cause constipation more than others. The digestive tract is tasked with flushing out these toxins, but when an overload occurs, it may become backed up with harmful substances, leading to upset stomach and constipation.

3. Weight Gain 

If you live with toxic overload for too long, your body may attempt to prevent toxins from entering the bloodstream by storing them as fat. If you experience sudden and excessive weight gain, it could be a sign that you are feeding your body harmful substances.

4. Brain Fog 

Your brain relies on essential vitamins and minerals to perform optimally. When you overload your body with toxins, you also strip it of these beneficial substances. As a result, your brain doesn’t get what it needs to think clearly, leading to brain fog, dizziness and confusion.

5. Bad Breath and B.O.

A few ways in which the body excretes toxins is through sweat, urine and gases. If your body odor smells funky, if you have bad breath and if your urine smells less than pleasant, these could all be signs that your body is working hard to rid itself of toxins.

How to Cure Toxin Overload

The most effective way to rid the body of toxins is to eat a healthy diet rich in whole, organic foods and to eliminate known toxins, such as packaged foods, alcohol and soda. However, if your body is in toxic overload,  you may need to give your digestive tract a jump start, such as with a digestive reset cleanse. This type of cleanse can help your body quickly flush out harmful substances and optimize digestive health. If you suspect your body is in toxic overload, try a cleanse today.

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