How to keep your child entertained this winter

As the days get colder, you may be spending more days inside sheltering from the weather.

Whilst your children may prefer to have fun and frolic outside – and they still can, as long as they’re wrapped up warm – there’s still fun to be had inside during the colder months.

If you’re stumped for activities to try within the winter months – fear not as with Grandir nurseries, you’ll never run out of fun ideas to try out!

  1. Baking and cooking

Cooking with your child can be a fun and educational experience, allowing them to gain some independence from an early age.

You can begin by letting them choose from a selection of simple recipes, like pizza or cupcakes, and then aiding them with measuring ingredients and mixing.

Not only will your child gain invaluable life skills, but the whole family will be able to sample the tasty creations!

  1. Arts and crafts

Let your child’s creativity run wild this winter by gathering a selection of art supplies, including crayons, felt tips, and paper.

They can choose whether they want to express themselves by painting, colouring, or crafting, for example.

What makes this activity even better is that you can get involved in these creative projects for a wonderful bonding experience, and hang the finished creations up on your walls.

  1. Science experiments

Online, you’ll be able to find a variety of simple and safe science experiments that you can try at home with your child.

For example, you might be able to create a volcano with baking soda and vinegar, which makes for a fascinating time.

Recreating experiments like this isn’t only fun, but creates an educational journey for all involved.

  1. Games night

Why not get together with the family for a night full of gaming fun?

You can all choose from a selection of board games to make for a great time to bond with your child as the days and nights get colder.

Whether your child is competitive or just wants some winter fun, they’ll be sure to enjoy this experience!

  1. Indoor scavenger hunt

Time will go by quickly with an indoor scavenger hunt full of clues and hidden treasures dotted around your house.

Create the perfect activity involving problem-solving and teamwork to help keep your child’s mind ticking throughout the winter days.

And with prizes to be found, of course, your child will want to partake!

  1. Movie night

Why not bring the cinema to your home by recreating this authentic experience?

Your child can create replicas of cinema tickets and then become a ticket seller, whilst you can all be involved in creating food stands with popcorn buckets and sweets.

Then, they can gather blankets and pillows and finally choose a family-friendly movie to curl up and watch together.

It’s the perfect way to wind down after a busy day of winter activities – especially if you have some hot chocolate to indulge in!

With plenty of ways to keep your child entertained this winter, they’ll never get bored…

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