How To Get Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Without The Long Installation

Kitchen lighting is super important in terms of the overall ambience of this room. Typically, kitchen cabinet lighting is one of the most recommended and sought after things. For one, it can help set a better tone to the room in the evenings – especially when nobody is using the kitchen properly. Secondly, it can be used in conjunction with the main light to further illuminate some areas of the kitchen. 

Usually, there are three types of cabinet lighting for you to think about: under the cabinets, on top of the cabinets and inside the cabinets. Some homes might be built with one of these options, some have all three, and some have none at all. If you don’t have these lighting options in your kitchen, you’re probably resigned to the fact that you’d need a complicated renovation to achieve them. Surely, you need an electrician to come over and install the lighting for you…right?

Well, you can actually get kitchen cabinet lighting without a lengthy or expensive installation. There are a few budget-friendly ideas to try, and here are the two that stand out the most:

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are ideal for kitchen cabinets because they make the overall ambience very luminous and they also assist in cooking effortlessly even when it’s dark. They can technically be used in all three lighting scenarios, though they work best when used either under or above the cabinets. As you can see on the Lepro website, strip lights are available in a series of colours and lengths. Choose one that suits the ambience you’re going for, and then install them with ease. 

You see, strip lights have adhesive backs, meaning they literally stick to surfaces. So, you can stick these under your cabinets and either plug them into a socket or power them via batteries – it depends on the product. Now, you can turn them on and get the under cabinet lighting effect in minutes. The same process can be done above your cabinets as well, giving off a lovely effect. 

Magnetic Motion Sensor Lights

The second option works perfectly for some interior cabinet lighting. Effectively, you can buy small light bars that can be magnetically attached to walls or surfaces. They come with a magnetic strip that you stick to the surface, and then the light itself has a corresponding magnet to attach to it. The cool thing is, you can get these lights with motion sensors as well. So, they turn on when the door is open, and turn off when it is closed. 

Realistically, this is the perfect solution to your interior cabinet lighting! It will illuminate everything inside, negating the need to have the big kitchen light on late at night. A lot of these lights tend to be wireless as well, meaning you can charge them up and use them for days on end before they need to be recharged. 

As you can see, there’s no need to find a fancy solution to your kitchen lighting conundrum. If you want to improve the ambience of this room, focus on these budget-friendly cabinet lighting alternatives. 

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