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How to Dress for a 7-Day Cruise

Going on a cruise trip is a unique way to get some much-deserved rest and relaxation. However, you may want to make some preparations to ensure that your vacation stays smooth and pleasant. Among them is planning the perfect vacation wardrobe. Apart from making sure that you always look good, the clothes you pack should consider your itinerary, destinations, and the activities you’ll engage in. 

For the most part, you’ll spend time on the cruise ship lounging, dining, hanging out, and having fun. As such, you need to think about packing clothes that are comfortable to wear all day. Bikini tops and cut-off shorts may be perfect for sunbathing by the pool, but there are also some instances when you need to dress up a bit, like when you have dinner at the ship’s dining hall. Your ship may also dock at certain places that require modest dress. As such, it’s a good idea to prepare several outfits that allow you to be appropriately dressed for these different occasions.

If it’s your first time going on a cruise and you’re uncertain about the clothes you should wear, here’s a simple guide on how to dress for a seven-day cruise:

Consider the Places You’ll Visit

Depending on your itinerary, you need to keep in mind that different places have different cultures. As a visitor, you must respect local customs and traditions. For example, if you’ll be visiting places of worship or a place with conservative rules on dressing, you may be expected to wear clothes that cover your knees, arms, and shoulders. That said, be sure to bring appropriate clothes like long-sleeved shirts or cardigans to stay covered up. You can also wear tights for women under a short dress or skirt.

Prepare for the Temperature inside the Ship

When going on a cruise, remember that the ship will likely have the air conditioner on full blast, so make sure you’re ready for the cold. Whether you’re enjoying your meals in the dining room, resting in your cabin, or watching in the theater, you may find the temperature in the indoor areas of the ship a bit cold. As such, bring a sweater to these spaces to keep you warm, and pack a pair of tights. It’s best to pack clothes that you can layer on as needed instead of warm but bulky items such as sweaters and thick pants. 

Plan Your Outfits with Your Activities in Mind

If you have specific tours planned, read through the description carefully and find out if you need to pack any particular garments. For example, bring comfortable sneakers if you expect to do a lot of walking and a shawl to use as a quick coverup if it gets chilly. Accessories like hats and sunglasses may also prove useful.

Bring a couple of comfy shorts and tops that are comfortable to move around in, as some tours may involve activities like hiking and cycling. Workout shorts dry quickly, while cotton ones are breathable and look chic. If you’ll be traveling during the cooler months, a pair of leggings is perfect for outdoor activities as well as a day trip in town.

Have Several Swimsuits Ready

If you want to spend your days on the beach or by the pool during your cruise, have several swimsuits ready. Pack multiple varieties of swimsuits so you have options for what feels comfortable for you. For example, you may prefer to wear a one-piece one day and a bikini the next.

Aside from your swimsuits, remember to bring some kind of coverup. It can be a simple shirt and shorts combination, a beach dress, or a stylish crochet dress. This way, you have something to wear between the pool and other areas of the ship, which can be cold and drafty.

Keep It Casual

Many cruises have a casual atmosphere to keep guests at ease. This means a casual wardrobe that consists of comfortable garments is an appropriate choice. Sundresses and maxi dresses are the perfect option for summer tropical cruises. They’re easy to wear and can make you appear put-together with little effort.

In addition to dresses, bring several casual tops and shorts. They’re acceptable outfits for hanging out on the ship and allow you to stay cool and comfortable in warm climates. If you want a more dressy alternative, there are many different styles of pants you can wear to feel comfy and cruise-ready. Some popular choices include wide-leg trousers and linen pants. They’re airy and can be quite flattering. Also, they can come in many different colors and designs to match various tops, such as tank tops, fancy blouses, and button-down shirts.

Pack Something for Formal Affairs

Apart from casual clothing, pack at least one formal outfit. Most cruises host formal dinners that require you to wear something dressier than shorts and jeans. Skirts and maxi dresses are great choices for dinners on a cruise. They’re also easy to dress up if you need something fancier. Adding statement earrings or necklaces can help complete your outfit.

Depending on the cruise line, you may need about six different dinner outfits to wear. Another option is to pack three or four ensembles that you can mix and match to create a variety of outfits. You can also add a shawl or a light sweater to change your look without needing to bring too many clothes.

A seven-day cruise means that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try different activities, so it’s best to include a variety of outfit options when you pack. While there may be a few instances when you need to wear something formal, casual outfits are appropriate for most parts of the cruise. The tips above can give you ideas on what to bring and wear. When in doubt, however, it’s best to stick with modest and dressy clothing pieces that emphasize your comfort rather than feeling like you didn’t dress up well enough for your cruise vacation.

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