How To Design An Arts & Crafts Movement Inspired Home

The Arts and Crafts movement was one of the biggest design trends of the late 19th Century. It flourished in the UK and branched out across the world as an attempt to change the way design and decoration were done. 

To this day it remains one of the most popular interior design styles in the world and many homes are adopting an Arts and Crafts-inspired design theme. If you’ve heard of this movement and want to take inspiration from it, here are some ways to bring Arts and Crafts into your home.

Combine wall panelling and wallpaper

Wall panelling was a big part of the Arts and Crafts movement, though rarely would you see homes use full panelling on the walls. Instead, you need a combo of panels and wallpaper. The bottom part of your wall could include shaker style wall panelling while the top features some colourful and decorative wallpaper. 

Embrace funky patterns

What type of wallpaper should you use? The Arts and Crafts movement is all about embracing intricate patterns and designs. If you’ve ever seen a home from this era, you’ll notice it’s characterised by very floral patterns or patterns inspired by nature. They’re so elaborate; the idea is to almost make your walls feel like works of art. It offers a unique approach to wall decor and you can be creative if you’d like and craft patterns yourself. 

Make your front door a focal piece with stained glass

Stained glass windows were a huge thing during this movement. Many homes were built with stained glass windows here and there to add a pop of colour. You could do this, but a better idea is to merge two excellent elements of Arts and Crafts: the stained glass and the front door. 

You see, front doors were massively significant as they were meant to be the focal point of your home. It was all about creating a door that stands out – be it with colourful decals or a unique knocker. Adding a pane of stained glass to a colourful front door is the perfect way to pay homage to this movement. 

Incorporate built-in furniture

It’s funny how some trends stick around or get picked up by other movements. The interior design nuts amongst you will know that Scandinavian interior design is a big trend at the moment and it loves using built-in furniture. Nevertheless, this concept was first created by the Arts and Crafts movement. 

Back in the day, homes would be full of hidden items of furniture that were built into walls or disguised as other objects. It saved space, got rid of clutter and created multi-functional items. There are loads of ways you can incorporate built-in furniture in your home to give it a genuine Arts and Crafts feel. 

The more you learn about this design movement, the more exciting it becomes. With a few tweaks to your home, you can make something that carries the core ethos of the Arts and Crafts movement while retaining a modern feel. 

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