How To Create the Perfect Playroom

We’ve all had that moment where it’s felt like our home is becoming taken over by toys. When children are babies, it can be easy to safely contain toys to playpens, Moses baskets or cribs, but when they become mobile it’s common to discover wayward cuddly toys or building blocks in places you would least expect to find them! Older children have toys with small parts which are less likely to get lost if kept in one room and the pain of treading on a Lego brick is enough to make anyone long for a room specifically for toys. 

Not only is a playroom an ideal storage space, but it’s also a safe room for your child to play away from dangers that might be present in other areas of your house – here’s how to create the perfect place for your child to play.

Follow Your Child’s Lead

Remember that this is a child’s space so decorate it in a way that will expand their imagination and creativity. Bright, bold colours are an excellent choice and decorating to a theme can allow their play to develop. If your child loves to play schools, creating an area where they can be the teacher with a board to draw on is ideal. If they love small world play such as farms and doll’s houses, a large central space with a themed rug that can enhance their play is a wonderful addition. 

Use Space Wisely

Think about how your child plays. Most children will benefit from a large space in the centre of the room to set up their toys, so furniture that divides the room into sections will only work in an exceptionally large room. Storage boxes that stack and units with multiple drawers often work well and can give the room a sense of order. Giving everything a place will also encourage even young children to help tidy up. Use pictorial labels to assist children who cannot read.

Think Like Your Child

It can be useful to view the room from your child’s height. Can they see the mural you’ve so painstakingly painted at the top of the walls? Are they able to reach the shelves where you plan to put their favourite toys? A playroom is an interactive space which should be centred around your child’s needs. Take time to plan before starting decorating and furnishing – get it right first time and save yourself the hassle of adjusting further down the line.

Keep It Cosy

Make your child’s playroom a comfortable space where they want to spend time. Tents and dens can offer privacy as well as developing play and adding bean bags, cushions and blankets ensures your child can have much-needed downtime when necessary. Made to measure curtains are a great finishing touch and with bespoke made to measure curtains available to order in many designs, there is bound to be something to meet your needs.

Designing a playroom is a creative endeavour that allows you to embrace your inner child and go wild with colour and texture, so have fun as you create a space for your child to learn and grow.

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