How to choose the perfect curtains for your home

Curtains play an important functional and aesthetic role when it comes to interior design. Not only do they add texture and colour to a space, but they also have a significant impact on how light enters into different rooms. As a result, it’s important that you take some time when looking for the perfect window coverings – it’s not something you want to rush.

Think about the function of the room

The first step when it comes to choosing the perfect curtains for your home is to think about the function of the room you’re choosing them for. Is it a bedroom, where you want privacy and darkness to help you sleep? Is it an office, where you want to block direct sunlight, but still want to let enough in to keep the space energetic? Once you’re more certain about what it is that you’re using the room for, you can properly start your search.

Consider different fabrics

The kind of fabric that you choose can also have a significant impact on how the curtains function. If you want to let a lot of light in, but create a sense of privacy, then sheer fabrics or thin linens might be suitable. On the other hand, if you want to create a warm, cosy space, then it might be best to go for a heavy cotton or a thick, plush velvet.

Look at what’s available

It’s important that your decision is based on what’s actually available to you. Take a look at specialist online curtain retailers such as Woodyatt Curtains, browsing through different sections. You’ll have to be realistic with your budget as well; silks and velvets are beautiful, but they’re expensive and can be quite costly to maintain. 


On the functional side of things, it’s important to think about the thermally insulating properties of curtains. If you’re concerned about keeping a space cool in summer and cosy during winter, then it’s important to choose a thick curtain, or one that’s lined with a special, insulating material. Windows are the main areas where most rooms lose heat, and thermal linings can have a massive positive impact.

Think about the rest of the room

It’s all very well choosing a curtain that you love the look of in a showroom, but it might look very different in your own home. You need to think about the other dominant styles, colours, and patterns that are present in the space you’re choosing the curtain for. Unless you’re going through a total restyling of the room, you’ll need to make sure that everything fits together stylistically, with minimal clashing.

Getting your curtains just right can be incredibly satisfying, but it will take a little time. By considering the points listed above, you can make sure that your curtains fit with the overall aesthetic of your home, adding that missing touch of colour and texture. Don’t forget to think about the practical element as well; lined curtains can help to make your home more functional, allowing for increased temperature regulation no matter the season.

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