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How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Picking out your engagement ring is an important decision, but it’s not always easy. You might be feeling overwhelmed by choice, or pressured by the fact that this ring will be with you for the rest of your life. These top tips will help you to choose a ring you’ll really love. When you’re ready to start looking, consider the luxurious emerald cut range that have on offer.


The type of stone you want for your ring is probably the biggest thing on your mind. If you want something timeless, consider a classic diamond or other precious stone. But if your budget isn’t as generous, you could think about choosing a less expensive precious stone or crystal that will be just as beautiful. These typically come in lots of different colours, allowing you to really customise your engagement ring to suit your tastes.


After you’ve decided on your gem, you should think about the metal your ring will be made of. Silver can be cheaper than gold, but it will tarnish more easily so will require some upkeep especially if it’s exposed to water. Gold can be worn at all times, but if you’re not a fan of yellow, you can choose white gold for a cooler look. Remember to match the colour of your stone to your band for a cohesive finish.


Stones and crystals can be cut into different shapes and sizes. You’re probably used to seeing round or oval-shaped gems, but they can also come in more geometrical or minimalistic styles. Some cuts will look better on larger stones, while others will offer more sparkle. Think about whether you want your diamond to really catch the light or whether you’d prefer a larger statement piece to make an impact.


Are both you and your partner opting to wear engagement rings? If so, do you want your rings to be a matching pair or something a little different? Some couples choose to have a ring that expresses their unique personality, while others want a more streamlined look. If you are getting a matching pair, then consider making sure the metal and colour are the same even if the ring itself isn’t.

You should also think about the way you’d like your wedding band to look. If you plan to wear your engagement ring along with your wedding ring then you’ll want them to look good together. This could mean keeping the metal consistent or choosing a more subtle diamond for life-long appeal.


Lots of couples get their rings engraved for a more personal touch. Think carefully about the words you want, because they’ll be there forever. Popular options include initials, names, or a short phrase that means a lot to both of you. If you want the engraving to be even more special to the two of you, you could have it translated into Latin so nobody else will know what it means. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s timeless.

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