How to choose a comfortable, casual and stylish outfit

There are days when we all just want to wear something comfortable, but did you know you can be comfortable, casual and stylish at the same time? This simple way to dress is definitely my preferred clothing style – but there are ways of dressing up very simple outfits to be stylish without losing any comfort levels! I’m going to write about the four main clothing areas, your tops, your bottoms, shoes and then accessories and how you can be comfortable, casual and stylish.


My favourite item for the casual top is definitely the versatile t-shirt. Women’s t-shirts come in all different colours, designs and even styles, but the one thing they have in common is their lightweight and comfortable to wear. Perfect for layering in colder weather or for wearing alone, or with a light and casual jacket on warmer days. T-shirts can be matched with almost anything and if you’ve got a newborn or a toddler and you’re worried about getting milk, throw-up or food chucked over you, t-shirts are incredibly lightweight so you can carry a spare around in your changing bag no problem. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

My favourite thing about t-shirts is simply there’s so many to choose from, whether you go for a gentle plain white, a slogan t-shirt that says exactly how you’re feeling or empowers you with confidence, or a graphic design t-shirt with an image that you love, you can find something to match your mood and any outfit. They can also be rolled into drawers very easily without creasing, so ideal storage without taking up a ton of hanging space.

A little tip from me as well, you don’t have to shop for women’s t-shirts. In fact, I think generally t-shirts should be unisex. Feel free to shop men’s t-shirts if you’re looking for a looser or baggier fit generally. These can be extra comfortable, especially for mums who might be breast-feeding or whose shape has changed size. A looser fit is still very fashionable and stylish, so don’t feel like you have to shop in a certain section – if it looks good, go for it!

Other casual and comfortable tops include lightweight shirts, casual maxi dresses and cardigans. For colder weather, zipped and hooded jumpers as well as sweatshirts can be styled in a similar way to t-shirts.


You’ve got a few choices when it comes to casual bottoms. First you want to pick something weather dependent. In hot weather you might want to wear comfortable shorts or a loose and flowing skirt. Most of the year the easiest trousers to wear are jeans. Jeans come in lots of different styles, from figure hugging slim to loose and comfortable, as well as different colours. There are also fashion trends like embroidered jeans or worn jeans. Lots of choice and the best thing about jeans is you can wear them in the day or upscale them in the night – just change out your shoes and top and you’ve switched a casual outfit into a party outfit! Leggings are also flexible and ideal for activewear.


Comfort is the name of the day so it’s really important to find casual shoes that you could wear all day without your feet hurting. This is very much a personal choice, but most people will want to ditch high heels and narrow or pointed toes, to go for wide, open, flat shoes or boots such as Siehe stiefel. In the summer sandals come in lots of designs and are very comfortable, whilst boots in the winter will keep you both cosy and stylish. Many casual outfits can be complemented by a pair of simple sneakers so there’s lots of choice here for you. Just make sure you’ll be able to wear them day after day with no regrets.


Accessories are an easy way for you to start making your outfit your own, tailoring it for comfort, fashion and practical reasons. Think about what bag will suit, whether you’d like to wear a watch, any jewellery, hat or glasses. Above you can see a stylish yet very casual outfit from a model who has gone with a white-tshirt, three quarter length jeans and simple white sneakers. She’s added a blazer and a topcoat for smartness and warmth – which wouldn’t be needed in the summer. It’s clearly a little chilly as she’s wearing a warm hat, but is also styling with some sunglasses and a large fashionable backpack.

There’s no need to think that wearing a t-shirt and jeans isn’t stylish and fashionable, it’s such a great base for an outfit that you can dress up however you want to.

This is a collaborative post. I was asked to share my thoughts, but the direction and information expressed remains my own.

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    Definitely the adaptable t-shirt is my favorite item for the casual top. Women’s t-shirts come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and even shapes, but they all share the same qualities of being airy and easy to wear. Ideal for wearing alone or with a light, casual jacket on warmer days, or for layering in colder climates. T-shirts go with practically everything, and if you have a baby or a toddler and are concerned about getting milk, vomit, or food on you, you can carry a spare about in your nappy bag with no issue because they are so lightweight.

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