How To Build Mental Toughness (And Get The Life You Want)

No matter how lucky you get, life will eventually knock you down. Something will happen that disturbs the peace and knocks you off your trajectory.

Often, you’ll find yourself blindsided. Things will happen that you never imagined were possible. It will always go wrong at some point. 

For this reason, resilience is essential. When things go downhill, you need the character traits and fortitude to put things right in your life again. 

People with resilience tend to view life’s ups and downs as challenges, not things that leave them feeling paralyzed. They seek out opportunities for growth and don’t view failures as some intrinsic part of their personality. 

People who are resilient also never give up on their goals. They always find a reason to get up in the morning and keep pursuing the things that they want in their life. 

Lastly, they also recognize what they can and cannot control. They don’t waste energy worrying about decisions being made by politicians. Instead, they simply focus on their own work and life. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the methods and techniques you can use to build mental resilience and get the life that you want. 

Adopt A Posture Of Flexibility

We all want life to happen precisely the way we want. Things should follow a sequence, we tell ourselves. But that’s rarely how it works in practice. In fact, it almost always goes in other directions. 

Be flexible in your approach to life. Allow things to unfold naturally. Don’t try to force anything. Embrace the constant change that life brings. 

Set Some Goals

To build resilience, you’ll also want to set yourself some goals that you really care about. These need to be things that get you up in the morning. They should be larger than your personal circumstances so that you want to keep pursuing them, regardless of what happens in your relationships, finances or health. 

Keep Some Perspective

Crises can sometimes appear overwhelming. The failure of your business, the loss of a job, or the breakdown of a marriage all seem like dreadful events. However, be mindful to observe how painful endings become new beginnings. Often, life turns out to be better after a crisis than before. Perhaps you can find a better job or partner in the future. Or maybe you can move onto a more fulfilling business in another field or industry entirely. 

Practice Self Kindness

Many of us have superegos that are constantly beating us down, telling us that we’ve done this and that wrong. Our conscience is overbearing, leading us to lead lives where we are our own bullies.

Practising self kindness is a bit of an art form. It requires using your mind to support you instead of beating you down all the time. People who are resilient allow themselves a break, not just from work, but also from their internal nagging and criticism

Spend Your Days In A State Of Relaxation

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Have you noticed that when you spend a day doing things that you like, you don’t feel tired, even if you’ve been working hard? Usually, it’s because you were in a state of relaxation. 

If you can be relaxed the majority of the time, you’ll have more resilience. You won’t feel exhausted after a week at work, and you’ll have more energy for your family. 

Simply CBD is a brand centred around relaxation. The idea is to develop compounds that actually soothe people and restore their bodies to balance. 

Being relaxed is a choice – it’s something you can do at any time. Use it to your advantage. 

Become More Confident

Lack of confidence can lead to anxiety. Many people, for instance, have imposter syndrome in their work. They believe that they’re not qualified or good enough to do the job that they do. 

Becoming more confident is a wonderful ally. Other people will detect it in you and that can become a powerful reason to trust you. It also makes you better able to take risks – things that might pay off considerably in the future. 

Choose Your Response

The key to ongoing mental wellbeing is to recognise that you’re able to choose your emotional response to situations. You could, for instance, feel dreadful about losing your job. Or you could enjoy the fact that you’re freed up to do something else that you’ll enjoy more. 

When you remain calm in a tough situation, you’ll notice that you can make better decisions. You’re able to plot an easier course compared to if you panic. 

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