How To Bring Up an All-Rounded Teenager

Naturally, every parent wants their child to grow up as an all-rounded and admirable individual. So the first step is to create a safe place at home and then understand how to mould your teenager to prepare for the outside world.

Parents need to know of the risks lurking to create a safer environment while at the same time empowering their children to make the right choices. 

So how do you bring up an all-rounded teenager?

Know Their Everyday Lives

Teenagers are energetic and adventurous and can sometimes get into tricky situations out of curiosity or peer pressure. Ergo, knowing your child well keeps you in control. 

It’d be best to know what they are up to and who they hang out with every day.

It is your responsibility as their guardian to ensure that they make well-informed decisions. An informed child always knows when they are making a wrong decision. They already know the consequences and will not blame you for their choices.

However, it’s okay to keep an eye on their activities and even check where they are, especially when you suspect they are lying to you. There are many advantages of silently monitoring your child’s movements, one of them being that you always know what they are up to.

Know Their Social Media Habits

Most of the time, teenagers use social media sites like Facebook or Instagram as an outlet to express themselves or connect with peers. However, these outlets can also expose them to dangerous situations because they are ignorant of what they share with the public. 

If you are concerned about your child’s social media habits, monitor their accounts or limit social media time. 

Additionally, they should understand the consequences of posting certain information like pictures that expose them to harassment or bullying. The beauty of knowing how your teenager spends his/her time online is that you always know who their friends are and can detect bullying or inappropriate behaviour. 

Talk to Them Often

Children will always listen to your advice because they see you as their role model. At this age, it’s important to constantly talk to them about life, making responsible choices, and choosing the right friends. 

Shun away from making common parenting mistakes like being too nonchalant or absent.

Teach them from real-life experiences. Also, inform them of the consequences of making bad choices and how much they can affect their lives. 

Help Them Build Self Confidence

Many teenagers don’t have enough self-esteem or confidence to be themselves. Instead, most identify with their friends, which sometimes leads to wrong choices. 

Consider putting yourself in your kid’s shoes and share a personal story that will help boost their self-esteem. For example, “My teenage years were hard because I didn’t know who I was or what to do with my life. So it’s okay if you don’t either.”

You can be encouraging by telling them they have unique talents and skills and need to be confident enough to use them to better their lives.

Please, don’t be too negative or restrictive. Instead, be friendly, understanding, and available. Teenagers go through many challenges, emotionally, mentally, and physically, and when you assure them of your love and care, they will feel secure and more confident.

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