How To Avoid Distractions and Focus On Work?

We can all become easily distracted at work at times, however this can be avoided. We have provided some tips on how you can avoid distractions and focus on work especially if you are someone who works remotely.

Create A Routine For Yourself

Creating a daily routine is incredibly important to help our brains get into the pattern of concentration. Create a routine that works well for you and stick with it on your working days. Once you begin this routine, the more you stick to it, the more used to it you will become and your brain will become more focused and you will find yourself being more productive. 

Keep Your Vision and Goals In Mind

When the work day begins, focus on what you need to get done throughout the day. Figure out what your goals are and write them down. For example, preparing for a big presentation, interviewing new candidates, brainstorming tasks etc. Some people find writing down their goals, visions, or tasks to be more helpful rather than typing them out onto their computer. If this sounds like you, why don’t you treat yourself to some personalised notebooks? Martha Brook is a luxury stationery brand where you can purchase personalised stationery. They created luxury personalised stationery as they believe investing in beautiful stationery helps people to live their life with greater intention.

Avoid Multitasking

People think that when you multitask that you get more done, however this can be quite the opposite. Doing one task at a time and completing one task at a time means that you can get more done in the day, as you are not completing little bits and pieces of different tasks, this will just leave you with a range of unfinished tasks that can become more overwhelming. Multitasking can take longer and result in more errors. 

Work In Time Blocks

This is a great and efficient way to get more done throughout the day. Creating time blocks allows you to allocate a certain amount of time for each task. Another idea is to put your timeblocks into your shared calendar with your team. Doing this lets your team know what tasks you are completing and how busy you are. Working in time blocks can give you more control over your day. 

Turn off Your Phone Or Notifications

If you are turning off your notifications but still scrolling on your phone, then try turning your phone off altogether. This can make a huge difference as it will be a lot more effort to turn your phone back on. When you reach for your phone this will make you think about what you are about to do and then you will get right back to work and put all of your focus back into work. 

Make Time For Breaks

Taking regular breaks can have a positive impact on your focus and productivity. Throughout the working day, try and take a 5-10 minute break every 1-2 hours just to give your eyes and brain a rest from staring at your computer. It has been proven that it is more beneficial to take frequent breaks in order to feel refreshed and more productive throughout the day. 

There you have it, our top tips on how to avoid distractions whilst you are at work. If you are interested in purchasing a personalised notebook then please feel free to visit the Martha Brook website. 

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